Unpause and move to next part

Can’t seem to get the right commands to set a button to unpause and move to next part. A solution would be most welcome.

Next part BB or Aeros ?


commands to make :
1- Channel (yours) CC 111 Value 0 (unpause)
2- Channel (yours) CC 113 Value 127 (next part bb)
3- Channel (yours) CC 113 Value 0 ( Cancel transition,this is to avoid the transition still running)
All named for Beatbuddy in Device

On your custom:
Unpause as press
Next part as release
Cancel transition as release


Thanks. Kinda works, but the unpause carries on the previous part before the change of parts. I want the next part to start immediately on the unpause. I’ve already changed the parts (there are nine) so there is no transitional part between the paused and next part.

you can change the order of the commands
Next part as press
Unpause as release
Cancel transition as release

Pause the BB
When the bar is at the end of the screen of the BB , press the switch

Doesn’t work either. I’m guessing I’d have to change the settings on th BB to change transition immediately which for live gigging isn’t going to work.

In BB 4.1.6, you can switch to a part while stopped without starting that part, it is possible to, pause+end the song and then send a transition command to start the BeatBuddy in the correct part without playing a transition into it. This could all be done on a single button making use of press/release and maybe even toggle features on the MIDI Maestro

For example using one button send:
CC:111 value 1 for pause
CC:115 value 1 for outro, which if Aeros is set correctly the outro command will stop the Aeros without playing the outro while paused
CC:113 value x for the song part, CC:0 will start it from stopped