New BeatBuddy Firmware (3.8.0 "The MIDI Maestro Support Update")

Hi Everybody!

I’m happy to announce a new version of the BeatBuddy firmware.

This new update is mainly to add support for our new MIDI Maestro product. We also fixed a few bugs that you guys reported to us. The details are below:

3.8.0 Changelog:

  • Updated Half / Double time algorithm
    • Resets on stop
    • Waits for the End Of Measure to change while Mute Pause is activated – this keep BeatBuddy in time with other devices
  • Displays Half / Double time on screen when activated
  • Made next part midi message (CC-112) enabled by default (this is crucial for BeatBuddy to work properly with the Aeros).
  • Added enter / exit folder midi message (CC-118, value=1-127)
  • Added scroll up / down commands for songs and folders lists (CC-119, value=0 scrolls down, value=1 scrolls up)
  • Made song and folder list menu big font when scrolling with MIDI commands for easier visibility
  • Selects song currently highlighted in the song menu if no action after 8 seconds
  • Added Midi sync clock setting (Playing not paused) - this turns off MIDI clock when paused
  • Fixed start message always being sent when count-in was activated
  • Fixed midi next part not sent when midi merge activated

Reference: BeatBuddy MIDI Commands spreadsheet

As always, if you find any bugs or have ideas for improving the BeatBuddy, please email us at

Download BeatBuddy Firmware 3.8.0 here!

If you happen to find a bug in the new firmware, (first please tell us!) and you would like to revert to a previous version of the firmware, you can use the same update process as in the video above. Just use the older firmware version files.

Previous firmware versions:

BeatBuddy Firmware 3.60

BeatBuddy Firmware 3.20

BeatBuddy Firmware 2.70

BeatBuddy Firmware 2.04


Great, @DavidPackouz, thanks!

Two things:

  • Did you mean CC-102, as is the current case?
  • Did you fix the MIDI MERGE problems with cc102? The BB doesn’t pass that command in MERGE mode – which could turn out to be really important if your MIDI chain is MM >> BB >> Aeros (or any other MIDI-controlled device).

EDIT: You said, “Fixed midi next part not sent when midi merge activated,” which I think means yes, we send a CC102 even in MERGE mode. So, I suppose I only have the one question…



@JoeInOttawa yes, I meant CC-102. I guess I could have been clearer. This should be working now. Let me know if you spot any bugs :sweat_smile:

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Thank you very much for this, and for the updated MIDI information. I am looking forward to trying it out in my BB !!

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Yep thanks guys a welcome update (hahaha assuming it doesn’t break anything :wink: )

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Tutorial is quick, easy and worked perfectly. Thank you!

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Hi. Re: the above -

Does this mean the new FW provides the option of having the clock stop (or not) when paused?

I hope so, as it is one of my use cases to pause the BB (the drummer lays out for 4 or 8) while my looper (which needs to stay tempo locked) continues to play the rest of the arrangement. Then I restart the BB (the drummer comes back in), with nary a perturbation in the Force (tempo). :smile:

Yes, exactly! Let me know if it’s working properly for you.

Yes, working as advertised, thanks! In fact, a whole bunch of great additions in 3.80. Kudos to the Singular team!

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