BeatBuddy Firmware 4.0.x "Playlists!"

Hi fellow BeatBuddies!

EDIT: (Nov 11, 2021) We are changing version 4.01 designation from beta to an official release! Please note that there is a rare known bug in this version (it is fixable, however), see below the changelog for more info.

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.0.1 Changelog

  • Added confirmation popup when song is added to a playlist
  • Reduced “Added to playlist X” popup text size
  • Allow user to use Tap button once playlist dialogue is started


  • Fixed Cancel transition action. (Infinite loop during transition)
  • Fixed external outro request after transition on song without outro
  • Playlist creation stability fix

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.0.0 Changelog

  • Playlist feature:

    • Playlists allow you to organize your songs without duplicating them or using the BeatBuddy Manager
    • Any song can be added to a new or existing playlist by holding down the tempo knob while the song is selected in the folder screen
    • The BeatBuddy can support 17 Playlists each with up to 128 songs
    • Playlist songs can be selected by MIDI via MIDI LSB (CC:32) 111 - 127 and PC commands. CC:32, Value 111 is Playlist 1, Value 112 is Playlist 2, etc. The PC value is equal to the song order in the Playlist.
    • A playlist song can be removed by holding down the tempo knob while the song is selected in the Playlist screen and selecting Remove
    • Playlist songs can be reordered by holding down the tempo knob while the song is selected in the Playlist screen and selecting the Move option
    • If a playlist is selected, the BB will reload the current playlist / song on the next reboot

  • Force “main screen” when BB is receives a Volume change followed by program change
  • Ignore MSB Bank value in Midi song selection since Aeros is using it. LSB (CC:32) Value is equal to the Folder Order, PC is equal to the Song Order within the folder
  • Help texts and menu upgrade
  • Send start message when unpausing with a footswitch drum fill
  • Send start message when unpausing with a MIDI fill command
  • Program Change: Ignore PC if LSB was not received and/or overridden by MSB
  • Improve Midi Sync BPM filtering
  • CC Outro setting: Added playing-only option to ignore outro cc when stopped


  • Main Pedal: Increased debouncing to prevent transition glitches
  • Fix outro behavior that was causing some of the last notes of outros not to be played, depending on initial state of BeatBuddy

KNOWN BUG: A few users have reported that when first installing the new firmware and using the new playlist feature, that their SD card becomes corrupted and is no longer readable by the BeatBuddy. It appears to work fine once a user re-synchronizes their SD card to their project in the BeatBuddy Manager, and they do not see the bug occur again.

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this bug ourselves and so have been unable to fix it.

Before installing firmware 4.01 please make a copy of your SD card on your computer to ensure nothing is lost, if you have not done so already. It is always good practice to have an updated copy somewhere in general, in case you lose your SD card.

If this bug occurs, PLEASE: Do not resynchronize the project at first, and do the following:

Before resynchronizing, using your corrupted SD card:

  1. Take a screenshot of the SD card contents, showing the amount of space left on the device
  2. Zip the whole content of the SD card and send it along with the screenshot to via WeTransfer

We believe if we have the contents and a screenshot we can find the reason this bug is happening in the first place.

If you find any other bug please let us know:

  1. What happened (more details, the better)
  2. What were you doing with the BeatBuddy when the issue occurred.
  3. What other devices were connected to the BeatBuddy
  4. Are you able to repeat the issue?
  5. If possible, post a short video (unlisted youtube video works great) of the issue (you can send it to us by email if you wish, to

Previous firmware versions:

BeatBuddy Firmware 3.99

BeatBuddy Firmware 3.80

BeatBuddy Firmware 3.60

BeatBuddy Firmware 3.20

BeatBuddy Firmware 2.70

BeatBuddy Firmware 2.04


I like the playlists idea. Can’t wait to have a play with it.

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Trying this latest firmware.
I am not sure what is going on but playing with the playlist function adding a song to the playlist no problem, but when trying to remove it no option to move appears and the SD drive has been corrupted and a message no song appears. On looking at the SD drive on a computer all the folders have disappeared and only a PLAYLIST FOLDER is left. I have another BeatBuddy and a similar thing happened to that one as well . I then format the SD and export the Project again using BeatBudy Manager. I am using 32 Gig fast SDs on one occasion there were 3 folders all called PLAYLIST left on the SD drive but no other folders.

On further testing when the no song message appears, if i take the SD card out of the beat buddy and look at it on my laptop computer the folders are sometimes there. When i return the `SD card to the BeatBudy the card works again but there is no Playlist folder on the card with the song that i copied it to. This is so strange, what is going on. Returning to 3.9.9

A very good thing, that playlist….I going to try it
Is it possible, do the same with the Aeros?

Anxious to test the playlist feature, I updated the FW to 4.0. After the FW update, the BB rebooted.
The playlist function was not visible. I manually rebooted the BB. Now the playlist feature was available.
Tried to add songs to the playlist and then went into the playlist only to find the song was empty. Then I went back to other folders of my songs and they were also missing.
After a reboot, the issue persists.
Connected SD Card to my computer and exported project back to SD Card. Added songs to a playlist and the same happened. Songs are all missing from the SD Card.
This time around, the folders on the SD Card are present along with the new folders called Playlist.
Connected SD Card to my computer and exported project back to SD Card. Now there are two “PLAYLISTS” folders. I left it as is. Both have a date modified of 6/5/2007 11:38 AM.
Connected to the BB and voila! the playlist feature works now. Amazing, that I can set a list of songs on the fly without having to be dependant on my home computer.
Great job SingularSound.

Hi , Similar happened with my update to 4.0 Johnnyhorse. I went back to 3.9 also.

Corrupted SD Card after Firmware 4.0.0
On further testing this could be an intermittent contact causing file corruption with the SSD card and BeatBudy, or the size of card used. On cleaning the contacts on both my SD cards and reinserting into BeatBuddy the fault has not shown up yet, i will keep testing
Also what would be nice if when copying a song to a playlist it would save the tempo you had set for that song. Otherwise it means opening BeatBudy manager to save tempo etc.

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Will Give that a shot and revert the result. Thank you.

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Very strange. I start to make a playlist, and the same happened to me……”no song selected”.
I put the card in my computer and synchronized.
Since then it has worked perfectly. I can do everything with it.
The transitions are okay.
like I said. The Aeros needs playlists too!

This happened to me too.

Yes this is obviously a very serious bug in 4.0, hope they can sort ASAP.

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GrafOrlok tip worked for me. Thank you. Synced card on PC after creating a -laylist. Checked to see if songs were in the list but did not attempt to play before syncing.

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I was about to post how excited I was that it worked, but once I rebooted the BB, all my SD card had left on it was an empty folder called “Playlists” and “LOST.DIR”. Serious bummer. I synced used BBM and then restored my settings and things are working.
The setting I needed was “CC Outro setting: Added playing-only option to ignore outro cc when stopped” and it works. Thank you for adding it!
I’ll keep testing it, hope it holds.

If you hold down the Tempo knob on the BB after you’ve chosen the tempo you want, the BB will save that tempo as “default” for that beat, so you don’t have to open BB manager to do that. :wink:

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Maybe I’m missing something here. Is there a way to rename the playlists, or are we limited (for now) to using “Playlist 1,” Playlist 2," etc…?

Same Question and…is it also possible to rename the beats in the playlist?
Thx! Thomas

Digging around on the SD card while it is plugged into my computer, I can see that there is a folder called PLAYLISTS and in that folder is a file config.csv. Once you have created a playlist there is a line in that file with the name of a file (e.g. 1.csv) and the playlist name (by default “1. Playlist 1”). It seems you can change this to e.g. “1. Pub Gig” and everything still works.

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I don’t think so. It looks like the playlist is just a list of pointers to existing songs

CAVEAT LECTOR: While in theory, this can probably be done, it would probably be safer to heed Singular Sound’s warning to not change BeatBuddy (BB) files using the computer’s operating. system.

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Thank you for reporting this we are investigating it

Please not that if the BB is interrupted when updating it will brick, there are methods to flash the BB and fix this if this is the case. Thank you for reporting, we are investigating if 4.0.0 is related to this.

Limited for now, but it will be possible!

hey there, no there is no plan to allow separate names for playlist songs, we believe this would be confusing


Thank you all for your feedback!