Can't transition to next part with a single tap (of an external footswitch)

Thanks, but that’s not the issue.

The issue is that there is no way to assign the next part action to the external pedal (and the main pedal requires a hold to trigger next part).

We can add this to the BB backlog! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I just made the same request. The response I got was that this isn’t likely to be addressed because you can do a one click transition using Midi Maestro. I have zero desire for the midi maestro given its size and cost. I really hope a single click transition option (instead of fill) is considered for the next release.

Hey there,
this is because your request was not specified to an external footswitch like our Footswitch+. We do plan on looking into adding the option to transition using the external footswitch. We do not, however, plan on changing the behavior of the main footswitch.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Intentionally bumping this because I think it’s important.

I understand not wanting to change the behavior of the main footswitch, but the lack of this control on the external switch is a huge oversight that I really hope gets fixed soon. It’s essential for anyone who has purchased the complete collection. I don’t want to purchase an entire MIDI controller just to handle transitions.

Oh I see apologies I misread the post above mine, this is not applied. My bad guys!

Yes, same request here - PLEASE ADD a “NEXT PART” option for an external footswitch. And add “PREVIOUS PART” as an option too, while you’re at it.

“NEXT PART” is the most used function (after “START”), and having to hold it down while playing is such a distraction while playing a complex piece of music.


Another vote for a single click to transition instead of hold and release. Either by the main pedal or the footswitch+.

I understand I can do this with midi but seems overkill on size and price to need midi maestro or other midi pedal board for this task. Thanks!

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How about footswitch+ added with a third switch that works as if two existing switches combined but can be assigned to seperate function- Transition for instance. Similar phenomenon like the way Digitech FS3x footswitch works with Digitech multieffects.

May be just add an option to assign function for combined press and we will mod the third switch DIY. Please.

Because sometimes i end up without transition in fear of missing the timing while holding the pedal press. Not always been able to take full advantage of beat transition.

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Yes please add

I’d like to see that singe midi command to transition to a part.
I’ve never wanted to keep looping on a transition (as it does now)

The way it works now:

CC-113,2 - Please transition eventually to part 2 - So it just loops forever in transition ???
CC-113,0 - Okay now make the transition

This means you have to send to commands to make the most basic transition.
Your choices are to use two buttons on you’re pedal or send two command from one midi controller. The only what I’ve found to output two command from one button to send on command and down and another on up. This seems to work okay, but once in awhile the second is sent to quickly or some that gets the pedal get stuck in transition. Then you just have to keep pounding the button to get it to stop transitioning.

Here’s what I’d like it todo

CC-113,2 - Play the transition once then transition to part 2 - This seems so logical to me.

What am I missing here? Are people playing the transition for 10 bars them moving to the next part.

Why I don’t use next part/previous part. In my case and song can have 3 parts:


A lot of songs just have Verse Chorus so next previous would work.

Some songs to Verse to Bridge (or other 3rd part) and so forth.
In theory this would work, but it gets confusing.
It seems best to have 3 buttons (one for each)

Hi there,

If you are using BB version 3.9.9, all you need to do is send both the CC113 value 1-32 command and the CC113 value 0 command at the same time with the value 0 command coming after.

This will give you this behavior, will this work?


Not quite, I’d like to just send the cc113 value 1-32. Then I can use almost anything to send the command.

Glenn, can you confirm that sending CC113-2 and CC113-0 simultaneously does not run the transition once (to the end of the measure) and then go to Part 2

As of v3.9.9 it does respond to them ‘simultaneously’, technically CC113 value 2 should come first, but they can be sent with one action serially!

Beta 4.0.1 is also available now!

Just wanted to add another vote to this. I just purchased the footswitch used during Singular Sound’s black friday deal and am frustrated to find that advancing a song part isn’t an option with a single footswitch tap. Holding down a pedal long enough - but not too long - at a critical time in a song (like coming out of a solo) to transition is an awkward user experience. Sure you can practice this, but I was hoping to use the footswitch to add a single-tap option to make this easier. I understand why the single-button pedal itself works this way, but hopefully this is added as an option for the external footswitch.

I am considering returning the Footswitch in favor of a MIDI controller because this is really what I wanted the switch for.

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I was simulating this using the HX effects and assigning these commands to some buttons, but what I observed is that CC113-2 does start the transition, and CC113-0 will stop it, but it won’t loop back around to the first part if you’re on the last. This seems different from the pedal itself, where if you long-press and transition that way it cycles back around to the start.

What I’m realizing is that the first CC113-N command starts a transition to the Nth part of the song, and then the CC113-0 ends the transition. If you’re trying to use MIDI to move to just the next part then it’s a bit more complicated than just sending 1 single command over and over.

I will add my name to the list that would love this transition to next part via the footswitch. I’m pretty new to the Beatbuddy and love it, but am also afraid to use the hold function in complex parts of the song. I thought it might just be my inexperience but obviously others are finding this difficult as well.

I would also appreciate the function to have the single tap instead of for a fill better for a part change. I do not necessarily need the fills, but i need to be fast because i accompany an improv theatre group. Thank you for considering this feature!