Can't transition to next part with a single tap (of an external footswitch)

There is no way to move to the next part of a song without a well timed hold (or a midi command). Let us queue this up with a single press of the external footswitch.

Having to hold and then release takes attention away from music during critical transitions.

Allow setup of the external footswitch (while playing and for bonus points when stopped/paused) so that a quick tap plays the fill until the end of the part and then starts the next part. Bonus points for allowing an option for switch at the end of the measure.
Start the transition fill upon press of an external footswitch, continues to play the transition until the end of the current part after releasing the footswitch.

I can understand why this may have been harder to add years ago when the BB first came out (since the external footswitch would behave differently that the main, multipurpose footswitch), but now it just seems broken. Saying that midi fixes this is a pretty annoying response…

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If I understand correctly, you have the switch set to release, there is a possibility in the BB to set it to press instead of release, in the menu. I think this would solve your problem.

Thanks, but that’s not the issue.

The issue is that there is no way to assign the next part action to the external pedal (and the main pedal requires a hold to trigger next part).

We can add this to the BB backlog! Thanks :slight_smile:

I just made the same request. The response I got was that this isn’t likely to be addressed because you can do a one click transition using Midi Maestro. I have zero desire for the midi maestro given its size and cost. I really hope a single click transition option (instead of fill) is considered for the next release.

Hey there,
this is because your request was not specified to an external footswitch like our Footswitch+. We do plan on looking into adding the option to transition using the external footswitch. We do not, however, plan on changing the behavior of the main footswitch.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Intentionally bumping this because I think it’s important.

I understand not wanting to change the behavior of the main footswitch, but the lack of this control on the external switch is a huge oversight that I really hope gets fixed soon. It’s essential for anyone who has purchased the complete collection. I don’t want to purchase an entire MIDI controller just to handle transitions.

Oh I see apologies I misread the post above mine, this is not applied. My bad guys!