Transition with single tap

All I really want is the ability to advance to next section (during song) with a single click. It looks like others have requested this years ago. Please push this priority up!!!

I almost never “short-click” for a fill on the main pedal, so I would much rather use that action to transition instead. With the “held-click” as my only option, I mess up the timing a lot.

I bought the extension foot switch but, frankly, it is not worth pedal board space or the cost of purchasing at all because it’s function is so limited.

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Hey there, I don’t believe this is something we will do, because you could achieve something like this using a MIDI controller (like the MIDI Maestro) to transition with one click. I can ask and see if we plan on doing so. Thank you for the feedback!

I understand why this isn’t in the plan but I have to echo the OP.

With my purchase of the complete 2020 bundle there are far more transition requirements than fills.
Even if the option to swap the click or hold function could be available?
That way I could click to Trans and hold to fill

Hey there,

We will not be doing this, but we will be looking into transitioning using the ext footswitch, thanks for your feedback.

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Hey Brennan - transitioning with an External Footswitch will be brilliant. I can’t wait to see this available. Thank you!