Incorporate programmable indexes for use in commands

The addition of soft indexes that can be initialized, incremented and decremented, and then used in PC and CC midi commands would be really helpful for song selection, or part selection. Currently have to allocate a lot of buttons over multiple pages in order to facilitate song selection, for example.
Of course, to be really useful you also need to be able to display the current index value. Hopefully the Midi Maestro firmware is sufficiently flexible to allow for this?

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Woaaahhh missed this one, MM can definitely handle what you’re saying if I read correctly

The screens can use up to 24 characters of text, 12 per line and I believe this is the display you mentioned

You can also send up to 4 commands on the MM per button toggle state this should cover your needs!

Let me know if I misunderstood!

Thanks for the response, Brennan. What I am actually asking for is a means to select songs using bank and PC messages with the ability to increment and decrement the values being sent. This would allow me to select any song in my repertoire using one page of the MM. Currently I have to use a dedicated button per 2 songs so 6 buttons allows me to select a max of 12 songs. I am using BB with a third party looper so the scroll up/down option that BB recognizes is no help. It implies being able to use buttons to action predefined functions rather than just send midi commands, and the displayed song and folder number has to be able to increment and decrement as well.

Can I ask why can there not be more pages involved? If you were to make use of the external footswitch, all MM pages, and toggle buttons you would have up to 120 songs available across the device.

Do you require all other 9 pages on the MM for something else? Let me know! We may have features coming soon on the BB that make it easier to not have to use only song select to organize your setlist.

Stay tuned!

My primary motivation for purchasing the midi maestro was so that I can simultaneously control a beatbuddy and a Boss RC10r looper, so I have multiple pages programmed to that purpose. I can certainly allocate all spare pages to perform song selection but I see that as a very inefficient solution. Having the ability to increment and decrement the value assigned to a control change or program change command could make for a much more elegant solution and may have benefits in other applications.

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From reading some other posts in regard to the expression pedal I gather that there will eventually be more flexibility to allow this to be used to set the value sent on different commands. What I am proposing is having the same capability assignable to 2 buttons where you can single step values up/down for more fine control over the values to be sent.

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Hey there,

We have discussed this and while we find the behavior interesting, but do not see ourselves going down this path at this time.

We are however working on a new feature, BeatBuddy Playlists, which would allow you to place songs on the BB in a “setlist” that you can scroll through song by song in the order you choose with a footswitch or using MIDI.

You can see this feature here in the 4.0.0 beta thread. There are some compatibility bugs reported so far with BBM 1.x.x but we hope to have a bug fix soon.

Thank you for your suggestion!

It is a little disappointing that you don’t see the benefit of being able to increment/decrement values assigned to PC and CC messages via single button pushes. The playlist feature is a nice addition to the BB feature set, but does nothing to solve my problem of simultaneously controlling song selection in my looper. I also had the idea that perhaps an attached external footswitch, which currently can only be used to page through the MM, could have an alternate mode for incrementing/decrementing command values?

Thank you for your suggestion but we are not interested in going this route currently

MIDI Song selection on the looper will be incorporated in the coming 4.1.x version, meaning this problem will be slightly better soon

We apologize for any inconvenience!