BB in combo with NS2 - synced from Ableton

Hi, not sure this is the right place, but hope to hear some expert feedback from forum members on this:

  • Since August 2021 we manage to have BB operate in sync with a Nord Stage 2 - both clocked from Ableton Live - BB plays its own midi files (only drums) - NS2 plays the midi stream it gets from Ableton. (Master control is done by BOME - many thanks to Steve Caldwell !!! and “ground control” is from the Helix - We did around 5 small gigs since August - here is my experience:
  • Overall result is really good - we can use prerecorded material without getting into karaoke-mode. The BB works fine (as long as its operator pushes the buttons in time …)
  • When using the BB concept - especially with a “creative” frontman - it needs some specifics: e.g. Startup of the song best in “metronome” mode to allow the singer his creativity - I let Bome do the Metronome (and something similar to the outro).
  • Pause/Unpause when synced is not working well - (it works OK if BB is using its internal clock) The “resume” action is not executed well - I think at BB side (we stop Ableton and restart it at the unpause event)… Anybody who has positive experience to share on this?
  • When working w BB we cannot exclude the risk that on-stage a transition goes bananas (my fault - I push the button too late or too early…) So we are looking for a fallback strategy (ultimately with a second machine that can step in - but also looking for a smart way to implement a recovery strategy in BB) - any suggestions? – Is there a way to let BB restart its current clip (1st bar) while running (I know it does it when unpausing but would be better if we can do it in flight)
  • Lastly: I am also looking for midi files to play on the NS2 ? (Equivalent to the BB premium Library). Anybody who has good experience with those Song Galaxies or other midi shops (if possible in combo with the accompanying NS2 patch…)
    All in all a successful experience (but it took me quite some time to get there…)
    Many thanks also to @Phil_Flood for all his advise and hints!!

Hey there, thanks for the questions

Can I ask, did you try the BeatBuddy with both Mute Pause enabled and disabled to see what may work better?

Mute Pause, if enabled, keeps the BeatBuddy’s beat “going” in the background without any sounds being played. Once unpaused, the BB will still be in sync with where it currently would be in the measure if you hadn’t paused it. In this case the BB will not send a Start command when unpausing like it normally does.

If disabled, BB will start from beginning at every unpause event and send a Start command unless MIDI Start is disabled.

MIDI Start setting: Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Start

Mute Pause: Main Pedal > Mute Pause

Note that Mute Pause is set by default to MIDI Activated as of version, this setting reads if the BB is MIDI “slave” (or receiver) to an ext. clock and automatically activates Mute Pause. (Beta 4.0.1 is available now)

Let me know if this was helpful

Not currently but we may have some things in the pipeline that may cover this behavior. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the questions! Let me know if you have more

@BrennanSingularSound many thanks for the advise, I did not yet check the setting on Mute Pause - will do asap - also thanks for the links to the latest updates. Will certainly check them out - got some time now - the next gig is december so…

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Hi @BrennanSingularSound after upgrading FW to 4.0.1 and checking the correct setting on Mute Pause I did some tests and the behaviour seems much better now (not entirely sure yet : on 1 song - after +/- 8 pause/unpause sequences I noticed an anomaly - but that’s the only thing till now) If this confirms it means we can use the BB for songs in slave mode with an in-flight hold of the beat - grrreat !!! (And many thanks for the advise)


My pleasure :slight_smile: