What version(s) do I have?

I have had BB for a few years but just getting back into working with it. I see there are some updates to various components but I have no idea just what I have installed at this point. Where do I check version numbers for everything and get it all up to date?

Hey there,

The current loaded version is seen by clicking the About BeatBuddy option in the main menu. The menu is brought up by pressing both the Drumset and Tempo knobs at the same time. Then you just scroll down and select “About BeatBuddy”. The version number will be shown there.

The latest version available is 4.0.1.

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for the question

Yes, that’s the firmware version. What about the version of songs, drumsets, midi sources, projects, whatever else?

I saw a video almost 2 years ago about upgrading Brushes Drumset to V3 and Default Content to 2.1, but is that the latest update I need to make? It’d be nice if there was an auto-update feature implemented or at least one place to look for any needed updates.