BeatBuddy Firmware 3.9.x "MIDI Optimizations and Bug Exterminations"

I did not know of a new manual, is it available now?

The manual link is in post 1 of this thread. I have duplicated it below


I would presume that current BB’s are shipping with the latest firmware. If others are like myself when researching new gear, one would go to the Singular Sound website and download the manual to see what the device can do and how it works to make a decision on a purchase. The current manual that I could find on the Singular Sound website is for version 2.0.4 which doesn’t reflect the latest and greatest firmware and feature set. To the credit of SS, the latest version of firmware is linked to the forum where it can be downloaded along with the version history (however not necessarily easy to locate as one of the recent previous posts conveys. If I’m researching a purchase of the BB I likely would not click a link to download firmware to to research a product. Historically I have not joined any forum when researching a piece of gear to get information. It’s been a bunch of years (2017) since I bought my BB and still Singular doesn’t have its act together in the details of making up to date information easy to find. :frowning_face:

Not always the case due to logistics of when the BB was manufactured (and loaded with firmware) vs. when the BB is actually shipped by the local supplier/sold to you.

It’s good to verify these things, but this is the very reason the Aeros has WiFi updates, to avoid this type of situation.

Thanks for reporting! This was fixed!

Fixed :slight_smile:

I use my external footswitch the same way. After updating the firmware, B2 plays the outro for some songs but for other songs, the screen turns red and says “Outro” but it plays a few more hits of something before it stops. A couple of times when I hit the outro button (B2) the screen flashes red and then goes to one of the previous green parts. I quadruple checked the pedal settings- no luck.

If I understand correctly, I should try reverting back to version 3.8?
I pasted this similar issue here from another thread/topic:

Bug in footswitch stop


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I think I have a repeatable bug in the beatbuddy.

Footswitch+ (left is pause, right is stop)

Load a song with an outro fill, start, transition to a second loop, use the right footswitch to stop, outro loop plays and the song stops.

Load a song with NO outro fill, start, transition to a second loop, use the right footswitch to stop, it shows ‘stopping’ but song transitions to next loop. Press right again and the song now stops.

If you don’t do a transition (long press on main peddle) then the right switch stop works fine, if you make a transition then the stop button first performs a transition (showing ‘stopping’ but the peddle carries on playing) and then on second press it stops.


Latest beta 4.0.1 is out now :slight_smile:


I wish we can get back the feature of stopping a song from pause. I am not able to do that now. I am on 4.0. It was a handy feature, to pause and end the song and then press and hold the main pedal to end the song silently.

You can - assuming you’re talking about the Midi Maestro connected to the BB (v4.0+) … basically, just press “Stop” after “pausing” the song … this resets the song.

I never used thay feature involving the main pedal but rather with the external switch pedal, by configuring the switches as Pause/Unpause and Stop.

No Midi Maestro pedal. I was able to do that in the past with the BB main pedal and additional 2 Footswitches.

That is correct. After the 4.0 upgrade that feature is now gone.

@Alex_KW The feature is still there, as far as the external pedal goes, last time I checked -with the latest 4.0.1 beta firmware.

Can you point me to the settings you have used? My end result, during play, I engage an external footswitch to Pause / Unpause. When in Pause, press and hold of the main pedal should end the song without any outro.

Option 1
If you still want to use the Main Pedal hold option to Stop the BB here’s what you need to do:

Main Pedal:
1- Start Beat = Release (REQUIRED)
2- Unpause Behavior:
-Main Pedal Unpause:
-Hold = Stop Song

Option 2
If the “Star Beat = Release” is no good due to timing issues, then the external foot pedal is the way to go, as follows:

Main Pedal:
1- Start Beat = Press
2- Unpause Behavior:
-Main Pedal Unpause:
-Hold = (grayed out)
*Note: Holding MP causes transition
-External Device Unpause = Outro Stops Song

I tested both options and they work.

Hey there, yes we changed the logic a bit but like he explained above, this is still possible.

If you have the pedal set to react on the release (Main Pedal > Start Beat), you can set the tap and the hold behavior of the Main pedal while paused. If the pedal is set to Start Beat on the Press, it doesn’t make sense to allow a hold command, because the tap will always be read first, this is why we changed the logic a bit.

If you also change External unpause behavior ( Main Pedal > Unpause Behavior > External Device Unpause) and set it to always stop. Then, you can set one of the external footswitch buttons to send an outro command, or send a MIDI outro command (CC115 value 1-127) and this will stop the song.

If Start Beat must be on press, you can also set it to tap to stop when pressing the main pedal while paused, this option is newly available because holding options are blocked. This just keeps you from being able to tap to fill or to play intro while paused and using the Main Pedal.

Let me know if this makes sense!

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@BrennanSingularSound I find the (Unpause) Tap = Stop option to be very limiting and rarely useful as I have many songs that require continuing (whether via a Fill or a Transition) after an Unpause action. And I use the Tap for Fills.

Having said that, how I wish these parameters were available on a per-song basis, which the user could change as required or leave it to the gobal default setting…

(:notes: You may say I’m a dreamer… :notes::grimacing:)

Thank you @lugoluis & @BrennanSingularSound. I will test these options on the pedal and report back.

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There are several ways you could do this otherwise, sending a fill or transition command from the ext footswitch or via MIDI will also allow you to do that and still have the stop command available when tapping.

We can’t make everyone happy but we have provided a pretty ample set of pathways to set the BB up to work in a whole number of ways

Thank you for your feedback!

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That’s true, indeed.
I had tunnel vision when I wrote that part. Thanks.


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Is this still the latest version?