Pedal does not power on


If a firmware update is interrupted (e.g., power supply is disconnected before the update process completes), the pedal may appear to be turned off and can’t be powered back up until you apply the instructions below.

These are instructions for Windows and Mac users on how to restore power to the BeatBuddy pedal . If after completing these steps the pedal still doesn’t work, contact Support via e-mail:

Instructions for PC. Follow these instructions completely and in the order presented. Failure to do so will result in your pedal remaining non-operational.

  1. Download and expand this file:

  2. Download and install this program on your PC (Win32 Imager):

  3. Follow the instructions from this video: Important: use a 4Gb SD card

NOTE: As this process overwrites the content on the SD card, recommend not using this card for anything else once you’ve completed the recovery process; you should lock this SD card and save it in case you ever need to restore the power to your pedal. If you need to use it again, you will need to unlock it and place the firmware files on it.

Instructions for Mac. Follow these instructions completely and in the order presented. Failure to do so will result in your pedal remaining non-operational.

  1. Download and expand this file:

  2. Once expanded, replace the extension (if it has one) with “.iso”: EMPTY_PRODUCTION_SD.iso

  3. Download and install this program (Etcher) on your Mac:

  4. Watch and then follow the instructions from this video. Although the video is for Windows, the concept is generally the same for Mac users: Important: use a 4Gb SD card

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i have no idea what you are talking about rebooting this pedal ! it will not come on and i can’t use it! i need your help to get it working, as i’m completly computer illiterite but i would like to use this ! thanx paul


I do not have a ‘dead’ pedal, but curious in the event it ever should happen.

  • On pedals that have been reported ‘dead’, but possibly recoverable, do they show the text "NO SD CARD’ when first powered on or just no response and a blank screen?

NO SD CARD is a different symptom and you should be able to search this forum for a solution.

“Dead” pedal refers to when the display does not light up, giving the appearance of no power.


Hi, Paul. Sent you a PM.


My Pedal is fine, but I have a question on the procedure for the “Pedal does not power on” fix before I try and help out a friend get his up and running…

Where it says “Important: use a 4Gb SD card”, does this mean that 4Gb is the minimum size SD card you can use, so for example a 32Gb SC card would also work… Or is a 4Gb SD card the only size that will work, and if so, is there a reason why…


The recovery process uses an image file of a 4Gb SD card (which is the size of the card that ships with new BeatBuddy pedals). It also happens to be the minimum recommended SD card size.

If a user downloads and uses the 4Gb image and follows the instructions to recover it to a 32Gb card, he will in effect have turned his 32Gb card into a mirror image of a 4Gb card (and will only be able to access 4Gb of space on the newly recovered card. This is why it’s recommended to recover to another 4Gb card.

As long as a user understands that he’ll be converting his 32Gb card to a 4Gb card with this process, he can follow these steps to restore his pedal. Once he gets the pedal working again, he can format the 32Gb card back to 32Gb.

If I get some time, I will try to create a 32Gb recovery image but it may be a while as Support will have to test it.

Feel free to PM me if you need more help.


Thank you for the answer Persist… I think it has all the details I was looking for…

I’m not sure if it’s the same where everybody else lives, but for myself a 4 Gb SD card is pretty hard to find now so I wondered if one with more memory would work or if there was an unknown limitation for some reason…

I still have my original 4Gb SD card tucked away in a safe place, but my friend has no clue where his is (he just has the 32 Gb one he normally uses with all of his songs on it) so I was going to pick up a new card for him and then try and get his pedal going…

A 16 Gb is the smallest and cheapest I can find, so I’ll grab one of those for now to get his pedal up and running and tell him to tuck it away in case he has another “Pedal does not power on” problem down the road…

Thanks again for the help… It’s appreciated…

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