Screen went blank after attempt to upgrade

My beat buddy is now a brick.

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Same thing happened to me after 30 minutes of using my new unit. So bummed. Happened when I when to update the firmware. There’s instructions on restoring the unit that appears dead.

Did you ever receive any help on your issue? Mine did the same thing.

It worked last night and then tonight I went to update the firmware and it won’t come back on.

Very frustrating. I just emailed support. Good Luck

I found online steps to bring it back to life. It’s not dead. Just appears that way. It needs the operating system image laid back on it.

“Pedal does not power on” topic has steps to follow if you expand the topic. Follow them exactly and they worked.

The topic above “Pedel does not power on” has steps to correct. Have to expand the topic and follow exactly, but it brought mine back from the dead.

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Here’s the link with instructions that corrected my unit becoming a paperweight. --> Screen went blank after attempt to upgrade

These units are almost like computers in and of themselves, with a processor, and a small operating system. If the OS (operating system) gets hosed up during a firmware update, a new image needs to be laid down on the unit. They do appear dead when the display is blank, and I also noticed that the USB port does not send power to a computer when it’s in this state either, so it really does appear dead.

Super excited. Seem to be having the same problem and the, er, two and a half year old fix didn’t work for me.

You can also try this: Bricked pedal during firmware update

If you still can’t get it working, please contact for help. Let us know what it took to get you up and running again.

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