BeatBuddy Loader Software (Version 1.1.x)

Greetings BeatBuddies!

We have a nice incremental update for our BeatBuddy Loader software. For more general info about this software, please see the post of version 1.0 or you can read the new updated manual or printer friendly (less ink) manual

Check out this super useful tutorial on the BeatBuddy Loader software here:

We added some nice features like drag-and-drop support, exporting all content with one action, shortcuts, and more!

This application is meant to make organizing the BeatBuddy content easy and straightforward, like using your own computer’s file system.

Simply pop in your SD card to your computer and use the BeatBuddy Loader to organize your existing project or load existing, default, and/or Premium content onto an SD.

The software also allows easy renaming, moving, and exporting of all supported files.

Easily manage multiple projects seamlessly; back up your content easily and securely, never lose your stuff again!

This software is not meant to be a full replacement for the BeatBuddy Manager, the wav and MIDI files cannot be accessed, edited, or managed like in the BeatBuddy Manager, and there is also no song or Drum Set creation/editing.

Download v1.1.1 the Mac (Catalina 12.15.7) and PC versions here:

BeatBuddy Loader 1.1.1 .dmg (Mac)

BeatBuddy Loader 1.1.1 .exe (PC)

Download v1.1.2 the Mac M1 Ventura version here (does not work on Catalina):

BeatBuddy Loader 1.1.2 .dmg

For best results, we recommend upgrading your BeatBuddy to BeatBuddy Firmware version 4.1.6, but any 4.1.x version should work. If you notice you are having issues make sure to update to 4.1.6.

New Shortcuts List:

Shortcut Mac PC
Close all open Folders Shift + left click open folder Shift + left click open folder
Cycle through Folders, Drum Sets and Playlists tabs Tab Tab
Confirm Pop-up Enter Enter
Close/cancel pop up Esc Esc
New Folder Cmd + N Cntrl + N
New Playlist Cmd + Shift + N Cntrl + Shift + N
Activate search bar Cmd + F Cntrl + F
Rename Project Cmd + R Cntrl + R
Open 3-dot menu Right Click Right Click
Backup project to computer Cmd + B Cntrl + B
Export all Folders and Drum Sets Command +Shift + E Cntrl + Shift + E

BeatBuddy Loader 1.1.1 Changelog

  • Added drag and drop of outside files
  • Added Delete All Playlists button
  • Added Export all folders and Drum Sets function
  • Added ability to turn a folder into a playlist
  • Created shortcuts for the BeatBuddy
    • Shift + Click a folder or playlist
      • if the clicked folder is currently open, then all folders close
    • Tab button pressed
      • Cycle through the three tabs in the Edit SD card screen
    • Press Enter to confirm pop-ups
    • Press Esc to cancel/close pop-ups
    • Cmd + N (Mac) / Cntrl + N (PC)
      • New folder, if not on folders screen, the tab changes to folders screen
    • Cmd + Shift + N (Mac) / Cntrl + Shift + N (PC)
      • New Playlist, if not on playlists screen the tab changes to playlist screen
    • Cmd + F (Mac) / Cntrl + F (PC)
      • Start typing into search bar
    • Cmd + R (Mac) / Cntrl + R (PC)
      • Rename Project
    • Right Click
      • If clicked on folder, Drum Set, song, or playlist, engages the three-dot menu to open for that clicked item
    • Cmd + B (Mac) Cntrl + B (PC)
      • Backup project
    • Command +Shift + E (Mac) Cntrl + Shift + E (Windows)
      • Export All Folders and Drum Sets
  • Other improvements

Known issues:

  • BeatBuddy Loader v1.1.1 is not opening correctly on Mac OS Ventura 13.x
  • Cannot drag and drop sng. files into an existing folder

BeatBuddy Loader 1.1.2 (Beta) Changelog

  • M1 compatibility (v13.4)

Known issues:

  • Creating playlist from folder feature is partially broken, creates one unknown file for every song file in the playlist. You could choose to manually delete the unknown files. If the unknown files are present when using the BeatBuddy, the BeatBuddy will not work correctly when using the playlist.
  • Cannot drag and drop sng. files into an existing folder
  • No Catalina OS support

If you see any bugs , please report it to us so we can fix it! Please send a video/screenshots to along with a description of the bug. To learn more about useful information you could give us to better help you, please read this post on bug reports.



:tada: :tada:

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It’s working in the Sonoma beta.

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Update previous version successfully
No problem on Windows 11 Pro

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Works on Ventura 13.2.1.

Drag a drop is not great though. It won’t let me drag into a folder. Dragging onto a folder turns the folder red and won’t let me drop it. I have to drag to the main app and then it puts the song in a new folder. Then I have to drag the song from the new folder into the folder I want it in.

The drag and drop within the app is really buggy too. There’s no way to “slow scroll” through when you’re dragging up through a large folder. It just zooms to the top as soon as it starts moving. I haven’t found a way to just scroll part of the way up when dragging and dropping songs from one folder to another, or to another part of the same folder.

Doesn’t work with Big Sur

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Not working on Ventura 13.5.2

MOD EDIT: Thanks for sharing your crash log as I’m sure it could be helpful for the developers.

I copied and pasted the contents to pdf which I’m attaching. In the future, would you mind exporting your log files as either a plain text or pdf? This will help, especially if it includes the last 44 lines which were truncated by Discourse from your original post.

Crash Log.pdf (27.6 KB)

And… I can’t shut it down, not even forcing it… need to hold turn off button to force a complete system shut down to get rid of it…

A post was split to a new topic: Updates for BeatBuddy (BB) Mini 2?

For all the macOS users having trouble getting the BB Loader to work, if you have not yet performed these tips, they might help you get up and running.

  • Check that you have updated to the latest version of Java;
  • if not, please update;
  • Delete the existing BB Loader from your computer;
  • Download a fresh copy of the BB Loader for your respective macOS;
  • Double-click the .dmg file you downloaded and drag the app to your Applications folder; DO NOT OPEN YET;
  • Select the BB Loader app, press and hold the control key and select Open from the contextual menu.

Please let us know if this helped or what you did to get it working on your Mac computer. There are some other threads on this forum appropriate to getting Singular Sound software to work for macOS: When the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) doesn’t launch (or export a project to the SD card) in newer versions of the macOS

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Did exactly as the instructions above… same results.

bbloader.stack trace2834555536100322360.pdf (27.1 KB)

It’s great to see this finally start to get somewhere. Still nowhere near what I’d like it to be but I was excited to see on your Instagram post that there is work being done on a new Manager. If the editing mentioned includes MIDI and drumsets then that is going to be the winner for me. Everything in one spot and not having to move between apps to create songs. :+1:


For the development team, in case it might be helpful:

fingers crossed

It’s 2023. There are many ways to bundle a jvm with your application that is distributed as a single file.

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The app does not work on my M1 Mac. I sent an email to your support email address about 10 days ago; there has been no response. So I’ll try here.

Description: What actually happened?

— When I start BeatBuddy Loader, it gets only to putting up its name in the upper left corner and its icon in the Dock. It does not open the BeatBuddy Loader window. And the app will not quit either; it has to be Force Quit.

Version Number: v1.1.2 the Mac M1 Ventura

Steps To Reproduce: Double click the BeatBuddy Loader app file

Expected vs actual Behavior: I expect it to open completely and present the BeatBuddy Loader window, the image at the top of this thread, so I can do something with the application.

Instead, it stops as I said above with the name of the app (no menu; clicking on the name does not give the menu for the app, as it should) and the icon in the Dock.

Visual proof: There’s not much to see, because the app has not loaded properly—it just stops. The app name menu header (but there is no menu) and the app icon are all there is to see. The window doesn’t open.

I’m using an M1 Mac mini, with MacOS Sonoma 14.0. I also have the latest version of Java 8 Update 391.

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Thank you for providing the details as you’ve done—they are helpful.

Although I think I had it working in Ventura, I can’t remember. And my previous reply (which I’ve since deleted, was premature and incorrect—my apologies).

I just tested the Loader v1.1.2 with Sonoma and my Mac Mini M2 and it does not work.

The good news is that Singular Sound is more than likely aware of your report and they’re working on a solution. If you can tolerate using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) just a little longer until they provide an updated Loader, you will at least have a workaround.

This tool is pretty cool.

I was wondering if you can add the ability to duplicate a playlist?
It would make creating playlists much easier once you create a base playlist, you keep using it as a template for any new ones.
The way it works now, is you have to recreate the playlist from either scratch, or exporting a folder which are not actually ideal when needing a new one. My songs come from several folders (not just one). Duplicating playlists would be very convenience and powerful.

Thanks guys!

CC: @BrennanSingularSound, @persist