Greetings BeatBuddies!

By popular demand, we are releasing free to the community, the All the Cowbell drum set! The snare, the kick, the toms, everything! All cowbell.

The next time someone yells “More Cowbell!” you give it to 'em baby! You give 'em more cowbell!


3 options to download:

  • The .drm file
  • The Default Library + the new All the Cowbell drum set project
  • The individual wav samples used in the cowbell drum set

DRM File

All the Cowbell (.drm file)

Download this file to add the .drm file to an existing project using the BeatBuddy Manager or the BeatBuddy Loader

Steps on BeatBuddy Manager

  1. Load your project
  2. In top left menu, go to File > Import and select the Drum Set option
  3. Find the “All The Cowbell.drm” file and import it
  4. In the BeatBuddy Manager, go to your list of drum sets and make sure the check box next to the name of the new drum set is enabled
  5. Sync the project to your SD card
    • Please note, some Mac OS do not support SD card syncing, please reach out to for more information on a version that may work better for your OS

Steps on BeatBuddy Loader

  1. Load the Project on SD using the Edit SD card option on the Home Screen.
  2. Go to the Drum Sets tab
  3. Click on “Add File” and choose the .drm file, OR drag and drop the .drm file into BeatBuddy Loader
  4. Close the program and eject SD

Default Library + All the Cowbell Project

Default Content with All the Cowbell drum set

Use this file to avoid the need to use the BeatBuddy Manager or BeatBuddy Loader and easily load the Default Content and the new All the Cowbell drum set. Drag and drop the contents of the zipped folder onto an empty SD card in a FAT32 format (4GB-32GB).

Individual Wav Files

Cowbell WAV files

Download these files to edit your own custom drum set in the BeatBuddy Manager or to use for any other utility. You are free to use them in recordings or however you’d like.

Have fun!

To learn more about how to use the BeatBuddy Manager, check out this quickstart guide or check out this playlist of how-to YouTube videos.

To learn more about the BeatBuddy Loader, check out this post:


I am so new with Beat buddy and Aeros. I have downloaded all 3 free ALL THE COWBELL files. Please explain how I import this and install into my Beat buddy. thanks V much

Romir, you should only need the .drm file. Using BeatBuddy manager you can import drum set and select that file.

Thank you for your reply Andrew. I unzipped the "Default Content+All The Cowbell file and then when i opened it, there was data, DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS, PLAYLISTS, SONGS and other files. Double clicking the DRUMSETS folder I see a whole load of .DRM files. Which .DRM file to I click and in which folder. Kindly direct me. Thanks

All the Cowbell (.drm file)

Default Content with All the Cowbell drum set

Cowbell WAV files

These are the 3 files. Which One is the one I need to install in the BBM. Thanks

Make sure you have installed and are using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as it is how you most easily can get content working on your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal. You should have the Default Content saved to your bbworkspace folder on your computer.
Since you’ve downloaded all 3 files, the only one you need is the Cowbell.drm file on your desktop.
Follow these steps:

  • BBM - File - Import - Drum set (navigate to your desktop and select the Cowbell.drm file; press Open)
  • Once the import is done, click on the Drum sets tab in the BBM and scroll to the bottom of the list of kits; check the box
  • Click on the Songs tab
  • Pick a song and then use the Default Drum set to choose your Cowbell drum set and listen to it

When ready, place your SD card in your computer slot reader and export or sync your project to your pedal.

If none of this makes sense, you will need to read the BBM QuickStart Guide.

You should only need the first file—the .drm file

The second file is the complete library including the drumset—use this if you don’t mind completely replacing your library with a new library with the All the Cowbell kit
The last is for advanced users who need the source WAV files for building their own kits.

I edited the original post to include more information about how to use the various types of downloads on this thread, thank you for your questions

If you have any more specific questions about how to use the BeatBuddy Manager or the BeatBuddy Loader, feel free to email