BeatBuddy Loader Software (Version 1.0.x)

I can’t wait to try this one, because I’m part of the 20% people editing drum parts to create my own songs :wink: I already have more than 50 songs created for my piano / voice+sax+BB duet.

I even can be a serious beta tester if you need one.


I tried with another pc with Windows 11 Pro last version
same error

We may have found the solution thank you for your feedback!

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should i first update the pedal and then download this loader?

No worky here… Program ‘not responding’ when attempting to open any of the functions. SD Card with BB data on it was inserted into card reader on PC and showed in Explorer. Avast deemed the installer and uninstaller suspicious, but finally gave it a pass.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit
16gb RAM
BB v3.8.0

You must use the BeatBuddy on beta v 4.1.0 in order to use the BeatBuddy Loader with it, correct

Windows 7 is not supported by this application, we only support Windows 10 or 11

I see that the OS & BB version is now noted in the original post…

Where is the Linux version?

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Linux would be nice, but to be honest: they need to eventually have a BeatBuddy 2.0 that allows a tablet or phone control the BeatBuddy using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

An app that can do that should also allow dynamic download/upload from the tablet or phone. i.e., all BBM functionality.

It’s a Java app. All the UNIX development has been done as part of supporting the Mac. Getting a Linux version built should be a fairly minimal amount of effort. It makes sense, as there are plenty of people out there that use Linux based DAWs.

It would also be a move in the direction you are proposing, since tablet/phone support would require adapting for iOS and Android, which, under the hood, are close to Mac and Linux respectively.


Worked on my end, macOS BigSur 11.6.8. Thanks!

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Finally we can set the drumsets to alphabetic order
A big nice change

Just hold and move hit

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BB Loader 1.0.2 working well so far (had the release 1 candidate before which had all sorts of issues which I had reported to support) & is straightforward to work with & looking good - the loader detected a couple of “unknown songs” in one of my folders which the BBM & the BB never showed … although they never seemed to cause an issue, it’s good to detect potential “duff” files which may cause issues & delete them … also a couple of song files had an “1” appended to the end of the file name which neither the BBM nor BB showed which can now be easily corrected as well … way to go to base BBM2 on this program format …

What about the new BB Manager?

Hi, I have bug when I want to open your new product. I have did a screen shot . Can I send a jpg. I try !! I am on window 10

picture is not visible, you can make a picture with the snipping tool in the png format this can be shown here.

I saw that the problem was already described. It’s the same the 2 users " hnbt6171" and " NyHC "

You just need to wait that they update the link with the good version
They found the issue !

Allright Thanks

I DM’d you! Check your inbox!