BeatBuddy & Aeros - Problem with outros!

Hi all. Probably a newbie question but can’t find what I’m looking for. So I’ve recently purchased the Aeros to go with the BeatBuddy. I’m having problems with outros of songs. If I double press the button the BB goes immediately into the outro and if I’m a fraction late the Aeros will continue one more bar before automatically stopping.

I guess my question is how do I have the outro finish by ‘transitioning’ into the outro? What I mean is do I have to press the double press or single switch (which I have set) on the footswitch at exactly when I want the song to stop or is there a way to set the BB so I can tell it I want it to play the outro at the end of the current measure (like a transition)?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance guys!

Hi there, as long as you have outros enabled on the BeatBuddy, and the outro is just one measure long, you have the entire last measure to double tap and start the outro and the BeatBuddy will send the MIDI stop message to the Aeros so it stops right at the end of that bar.

HI mate. Thanks for the reply. So yes I have outros enabled and the outro is only 1 bar in length. So just to confirm the Aeros will continue to play for the entire length of that bar (the 1 bar outro)? The outro is just a single hit on the first beat with kick, crash and a bass note. So preferably I want the Aeros to stop at the end of the previous bar. I guess I must do this manually or is there another way?

Also what about the double tap to go to the outro. It does it immediately when I double tap (or set the outro from the external switch). I thought if I double tapped it it would start the outro at the end of the current bar, like a transition? If it did this that would give me time to manually stop the loop on the aeros.

Am I doing something wrong here or is it the way it is?

Thanks mate

Hi there, the BeatBuddy has two options for cuing fills:
Go to the Main menu>Main Pedal> Cue fill period folder

The setting you seem to want is the next measure. However, the Aeros won’t stop when you want it to with this method, because the MIDI stop message will be sent at the end of the outro. You could, with this setting on, cue the outro one measure ahead and then immediately go to stop the song on Aeros, that will make the Aeros stop at the end of that measure, and the BeatBuddy will continue playing for one last measure where it will play the outro fill.

Keep in mind this setting will also change how all fills are cued, making the use of the BeatBuddy a little different.

Otherwise, if you prefer to keep the cue fill period to next beat or immediate, you could alternatively stop the Aeros during penultimate measure before outro, and be ready to cue the outro fill on the BeatBuddy as soon as possible on the outro measure once Aeros has stopped. The benefit here is keeping your fills immediate, but the downsides are the outro fill will not be played in full, it will only play as fast as you are able to start it on last measure, and being early will stop the song one measure short.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the info mate. Yes it all makes sense.

I think what I will try is create my ‘outro’ as a standard song part which I can transition to during the previous bar. If I make this song part a couple of bars long (so with the 1st beat crash and then nothing for a couple of bars) I can then hold the main pedal to lead into that transition which will then give me time to press stop on the Aeros on that first beat. If that makes sense. This way it won’t affect my normal transitions by changing the cue fill.

Is there any plan to add a feature where you can set the Aeros to stop (send a midi command to stop) when the outro is activated rather than still play the length of that bar? I think that would be a handy toggle.

Not as of yet but it’s an interesting request, that would have to be a setting in the BB however, since it would send the message. We’ll look into it!

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Yeah that’d be great for it to be an option. If I can request that to be implemented into the B firmware it’d be a handy feature.