BeatBuddy / Aeros setup

I’m missing something.

I can’t get the two to synchronize. I’ve looked at the manual. First off - are two cables needed for in and out? When I connect both the Aeros screen flickers between midi synch on and off.
Before I connected both cables, The problem I’m having is that I can record a loop with beats but I can’t stop and restart it because it’s out of sync.

I may have answered my own question. Starting and stopping can only be done on the BB.

Would anyone care to share their BB settings so I can verify mine?

For the Beatbuddy to be the master, you need the adapter cable and then a regular MIDI cable connected to the OUT part of the adapter. Then the other end of that MIDI cable in the MIDI IN of the Aeros…
In your BB settings, enable MIDI OUT (Main Pedal, MIDI settings). There’s other small settings you can change in there as well…

It also depends on what you’re talking about in terms of “starting” and “stopping.” The BB can start the Aeros, but you can also change that so each device starts independently.

To make sure you’ve got the correct cables, you need the BB Breakout cable. Then you need a PS/2 format MIDI cable from the BB OUT to the aeros MIDI IN.

You also want to double-check that you have the latest firmware – I don’t know if 2.11 has been “officially” released, but you can find a downloadable version here in the forums.

To connect to the Singular midi breakout cable, you need a standard 5 pin midi DIN cable. The PS/2 connector is on the Singular cable to connect to the BB.

Yep, what Phil said! :slight_smile:

I have the breakout cable and a midi cable. It’s going from the BB out into the Aeros in. I assume you don’t connect the other cable to the Aeros? When I did, the Aeros would freeze up.