BeatBuddy and a DR707

Although I work all day on a computer, I’ve mostly shunned the computer as a music tool until now. As a result, I am now woefully behind on integrating MIDI and all that it can do. I’ve begun to use the BeatBuddy at gigs for some of the covers we perform but I’d like to use it to start playing some of our original material as well. I have several originals programmed in my DR707 but after using the BeatBuddy, I can’t stand to hear those DR707 drums anymore. I thought I’d ask some of you Gurus if there is an easy way to transfer some of these custom DR707 patterns and fills into or onto the BeatBuddy? I imagine it would take some re-mapping, I’m up to that challenge but I’m not really sure where to start. Creating them from scratch again in a MIDI editor just sounds too time consuming and a bit overwhelming, I’ve always just played the drum pads until I get it right, can you do that on a MIDI editor? As you can probably tell, I’m not very MIDI savvy. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If your DR707 (surely a Boss DR-770 actually?) outputs its drum notes over midi just trigger the BeatBuddy that way (DR-770 midi out to BB midi in), making sure to turn midi clock off on the BeatBuddy. Some drum notes may not match up and you probably can’t change this on the 770 but you can change midi note numbers under ‘Drum Sets’ in BB Manager software.

Unless your DR-770 can save patterns as SMFs (standard midi files, and I’d guess it can’t) this is the only way you can use your DR-770 patterns without re-programming them from scratch in some sort of midi editor. Good luck!

Thanks Klink, that’s pretty much what I thought. Controlling the BeatBuddy with the DR707 will likely lead to some weirdness but I’ll have to dive into the owner’s manual to see if I can adjust the appropriate MIDI notes on the DR707. I thought I saw a MIDI note breakdown for the BB around here somewhere, anyone have a link? I guess it’s too much to hope that there’s something out there that would do it automatically?

The other way would be to record the midi outputs of the device using a midi recorder or sequencer - Presonus have a free version of their studio one software which you could use.
[]Create a new file, set it to the tempo of the device, press record in the software, press play/start on the device.
]Once recorded select to the segment you will loop and move it to the beginning of the measure, create a loop point and check you are happy in the way it loops.
[]Next ensure the notes recorded are supported by the BB.
]Export file as a midi file ensuring the notes are set to channel 10.
[*]Create a new song in the manager software, click on a part and find the midi file created and have a listen.

That’s a great idea Psalm40, I never would have considered that approach. If I understand correctly, I would need an audio interface for my laptop to input the MIDI output to the software, correct? As I mentioned before, I’ve been limping along “old school” in regards to recording, I use a fostex 16-track stand alone hard disk recorder for demos and such. I guess It might be worth picking up an inexpensive interface to try this approach. It would save a lot time. Thanks

You would need a midi interface to capture the midi data from your device, there are quite a few cheap ones available from Amazon.