Beatbuddy and Ableton

So I know at this point Auto Pilot has not been released yet for Beatbuddy. I am a sax player and am using beatbuddy as my percussion and I have an app on my ipad called Dreamfoot. I am using the chords from Dreamfoot to sent to ableton to play back the midi to my ipad after I’ve recorded my chord structure. I have figured out how to arrange my songs with the CC commands in ableton and it works just fine when I hit the play buttons. The CC commands tells my Beatbuddy when to do the fills, transitions and so on. However, as soon as I hit the record button the Beatbuddy will automatically play and ignore every input I’ve programmed. I have also tried recording the Midi directly from the Beatbuddy into Ableton and having it play back. But though the sounds didn’t sound right after I recorded it. What’s the best way to automate my tracks and the easiest workflow you guys use? Thanks for all the help! Or am I better off waiting for AutoPilot to come out which could be… ???

Hey there, I’ve seen similar in my experience. We will be working more closely with the DAW to see how we can improve this but unfortunately it’s likely how Ableton is set to work. I know it can be reconfigured in many ways. What you would need to do is set it to not send the Start command every time you press that button.

Let me know if you figure this out!