Beatbuddy and Boss rc-5

Hi all,I sync my BB with RC5. BB is the master controller. But I don’t want RC5 to play with the BB main rhythm at the beginning, so I set MIDI-OUT>Start>Disable. I thought it was OK, but when I played RC5, the music beat was not synchronized with BB. Who can tell me why. Sync has been set to Always On, using firmware 4.1.2
thank you!

Seems like a problem with how the RC5 works, it may be it needs the start command to work correctly

This in the end is a forum for Singular Sound products so I may not be the best authority on this.

From what you have said it could be a limitation of your looper.

Thanks for the question, try out another forum or a boss forum!

Yes, thank you for your reply. I only hope the boss can update the firmware of rc-5.