BeatBuddy and Component One interfacing

I was able to do some basic interfacing of the BeatBuddy into Component One, via my AudioBox unit. I used Channel 1 on the AudioBox for my guitar amp Emulated Out, and plugged the BeatBuddy output into Channel 2 of the AudioBox. Whalla, Guitar and BeaBuddy each getting there own track in Component One. However… :slight_smile: Here’s the challenge.

Component One has a built-in metronome, and I’m trying to start BeatBuddy and the Metronome of the Component One at the same time. It would be alot easier if I had 4 arms. Is there a trick to syncing the timing of the two, so that recordings are on-measure with each other?

To match the BPMs you need Midi Sync, then, via Midi it is possible to have some control over the BB from another device and vice versa - I don’t know if start or stop is possible because I only use Midi to set BPM on a looper. Hope that helps. BR Carl.

Thanks. I guess my next step is getting MIDI interface card for the system.