BeatBuddy and DAW

Hello all,
Hoping to finally get my BB setup with my Infinity looper this weekend and start checking things out, can’t wait. I’m currently using Pro Tools 12.8 with an Eleven Rack and Roland Octa-Capture Audio Interface in my home studio. I’m assuming I should be able to send the BB audio out to my interface and be able to monitor using my Monitors and or via my Headphones. I have a PA that I will be using live for BB and when I can at home but looking for something if I wanted to practice using BB and have my guitar going into Pro Tools for late night practice ? Sorry may seem like a basic question, but I have a lot of gear now and trying to sort things out :slight_smile:

Absolutely. The BB outs are regular line outs, like a guitar signal. You can control the volume via the BB volume control. Just run two output cables to two of the inputs on your Octa-Capture. You can even plug the guitar directly into the BB if you want to save an input slot. But. since you got 8 of 'em, no real need for that. :wink:

Cool thanks Phil you’ve been very helpful, sure I’ll have some crazy questions once I get more into the BB, have a great weekend !