Beatbuddy and digitech Trio linked

Has anyone tried this yet? I have both and have attempted to feed the BB into the trio so the Trio matches the tempo and doesn’t drift, the issue is that the BB then has to go into the amp with the sound quality issues that that creates (I prefer to connect the BB and the Trio to the PA with just a pinch of reverb added). This could be killer if it could be done.

Trio has no midi sync (or even midi input/output) whatsoever so the 2 won’t sync at all.

Midi - ah, I know nothing about Midi. I can sync it with some deft footwork but after about a minute it does start to drift. Thanks for the info.

Yes, the two won’t actually sync. BUT, you I wonder if you could sync the BB with a midi looper like the Boomerang II and then run the drums of the BB into the trio and the guitar into the trio, trio into the looper with only the bass volume up (drums on the trio at off)… then the looper will capture the guitar and bass line when you hit record so that the BB and looper will be in sync. Just a thought, but not a good one.

Get an octave pedal and fake a bass line from your guitar into a looper synced to the BB.

In case anyone is interested in the Trio, I tried one recently and found it OK but not stunning (sold it again as can do more in Band In A Box although you have to type your chords in there). The really clever bit is that it analyses your guitar chords and gets it right most of the time - kudos here because that’s a pretty unique feature. You can also have a lot of fun with it suddenly turning your solo guitar meanderings into a quite convincing 3 piece band. However, on the downside you can’t store anything once created - you’d have to play all the chords in again if you wanted to come back to a previous song (3 parts, 1 song that’s it then start again).

The drum sounds are not as good as BeatBuddy but are not too bad (bit boxy sounding) and there may be a bit of multi-sampling going on. A small amount of reverb is built in to the kits which varies slightly for each genre (more, less, big room, small room etc.) as do the kits but you can’t select different kits, you have to work with what you’re given (ditto with the bass). There’s also no midi of any type so no syncing to other midi equipped gear is possible. You can only change chords on each beat of a bar at best which sounds fine but it means you can’t have chord changes that happen in between beats timing-wise - doesn’t sound like much but try it and you’ll see it’s a little restricting. You also can’t add more styles at any time (perhaps possible in the future with a firmware update but probably not).

Summing up, it’s a unique fun product but I’ll be waiting to see where this technology goes further down the line.

Hi B-Buddies. I posted the following a long time ago to a couple of different forums I’m member of and sharing the info here. I can say with the device listed below I’m able to sync with very little and manageable drift, and can get creative with BB and Trio+.

At the time of this posting however, it’s been a while since I’ve actually used both but I spent countless ours getting lost (in a good way) in some very creative results when both devices get going.

Info. I purchased a SoundBiteMicro and having some success with it. It’s handy and the more I experiment with it I can sync my Trio+ and BB.

The site doesn’t showcase much in terms of videos, but you can check the support PDF out. I will say, I had a very personable shopping experience since they are in the UK and handled my transaction via PayPal. The product arrived within 7 days, and the packaging was well done. With a device like this I can see how it’s in the live DJ’s arsenal.

Trio+ Headphone out to the SoundbiteMicro Audio IN
BB MIDI to SoundBite Micro MIDI. They provide a special MIDI cable

The device has live beat detection coming from the Trio+. You can see the Tempo on the BB adjusting accordingly. The device has additional features to allow you to manually get creative by creating loops and also dialing in the sync beat if it’s off.

There is some drift sometimes and I think this happens more often when I include the Trio+[/URL]'s Bass. There is some learning curve to pair up the appropriate BB style with the Trio+. But the more I play it, I find some good matches. And, of course since BB’s stereo imaging is better, you get a nice enhanced mix between both devices. Once I have both device going in sync I am pleasantly surprised it remains in sync even when I switch between different Trio+ styles on the fly. Also, instead of outputting the [URL=‘’]Trio+'s drums to the Micro, I turned it down and sent the Bass signal only. The SoundBite detects and establishes a beat from the Bass too.