BeatBuddy and Ditto x4 midi sync


Noob here. Is anyone using the BB with a Ditto x4 and using the midi sync? I really want a looper with midi sync and the boomerang (and others) are real expensive. The Ditto x4 is $250 which is still expensive, but a lot less than the Boomerang.

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Yes! Came here to post this, as I just found out too.
That’s amazing (full disclosure: I have their X2 looper). Based on their specs, it should work with the Best buddy.

FYI, I wanted to double check in the TC Electronic forum. I ask about the compatibility of the Ditto X4 with the BeatBuddy. I wanted to hear whether BeatBuddy could act as a slave or master to Ditto based on existing specs. Here’s the answer from one of their admin users, who knows at least the Ditto capability:

Dittox4 can only sync to an incoming midi clock and cannot generate/output a midi clock.
That tells me that you can adjust the MMC in your DAW and indicate that BeatBuddy is the master signal, unless I’m not understanding this well, in which case someone please shed your lights. Thanks!

Hey, someone has already tried this –

And, here’s what happens when trying to stop the looper (DittoX4) by using the BB as the master (double tap to stop):

Is the answer to have a volume pedal to shut it all down first?

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I think since in this case we’re talking about MIDI sync, I’d look at the MIDI clock sync settings in my DAW (Logic) first. I’m not 100% sure though. I don’t have the Ditto X4 yet to test things out.

thanks for posting this :wink:

Been looking for this

Hi GDimes is it possible to control the Ditto with midi commands: specifically can you start, stop and play recordings using midi instead of hitting the footswitches? Thanks.

I have my Beatbuddy connected with the midi breakout cable to my computer . I can sent the midi time code to the beat buddy so that it is in sync and will play along with Cubase . But have not been able to start and stop the beat buddy with midi commands I am thinking that the ditto x4 will work the same way . So I am hesitant to spent the 250 on the ditto x 4

according to the manual, the 1.85 version of the BB software supports midi start (0xFA) and stop (0xFC) commands as well as sync.
According to this post on the tcelectronic forum, the x4 only responds to midi sync, no start or stop capability

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New X4 Beta firmware available today. Does this make the X4 stop when the BB ends a song?

Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

The BeatBuddy sends stop/start commands. If the new firmware in the X4 supports this, then the answer should be yes. This is something you’d have to ask the X4 staff though, since it has to do with their new update.

Any update on this?


Nobody has tried the x4 with the beat buddy since the beta update for the x4???

The CC messages that BB send out are not mapped to the CC messages that the Ditto X4 can received. I haven’t seen any mechanism in either devices that would allow a ‘user’ to map the CC messages between the 2 devices.

You need something like this
or you can do it with an iphone/ipod/ipad and an app like MidiBridge (which allows midi message mapping/conversion)