Beatbuddy and h9

I’m trying to use a beatbuddy to control an h9 delay tempo.
Any advice on this. I have tried the basic midi settings but no luck. Am I overlooking something, can this actually be done ?Thanks 2022-05-19T22:45:00Z

BB has to get midi from somewhere. It responds to it, and can pass it through, but it does not create midi.

My BB sends its tempo to the Aeros looper, the Roland Gr-55 and the H9. So any patch/preset on the gr-55 or H9 that uses bpm to control delay, will sync to the setting om the BB.

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You’re absolutely correct, of course. My head was in another place, up my … probably. I was assuming he would need CC or PC messages, which are not fully available from the BB by itself.

Phil, you’re such a valuable resource for us all. Thanks for all your previous and (hopefully) future posts.

Thank you both. So what have I missed regarding the H9 settings? I have got both on the same midi channel, midi clock out on BB, midi clock in on H9. Any suggestions would be appreciated.