The beautiful marriage ended in DIVORCE tonite at my gig!
Separately I could use BB and looper effectively, but when I tried to loop when synced, infinity would not loop on the “1” ! I start BB…start loop with infinity… end loop then nothing for a second or two the loop begins playing, what a mess.
Who’s fault is it? BB or Infinity??

Sounds like you started the BB then tried to start the Infinity loop in the middle of a BB measure, so what really happened is you queued the Infinity to start it’s loop when the BB was at the start of it’s measure…that’s how the Infinity is configured by default. If you want the BB and Infinity to sync on a beat rather than a 4/4 measure, you need to configure it to do so.

@sixstring4561 - Pigtronix recently made a firmware update to increase the compatibility with the BeatBuddy. Once you update the Infinity to its latest firmware, this issue should go away.

I picked up a Boomerang III and I love it…right out of the box…looping ,syncing w/BB…love the switches and features…sending Infinity back.Thank you Scudd !

Thank you ! Boomerang III is fantastic…videos soon.

Just updated my Infinity, thanks for the update, good to see such a quick fix for BB from Pigtronix.