BeatBuddy and Millenium MPS-750x direct MIDI connection?

HI all,
I own a BeatBuddy and a Millenium MPS-750x electronic drums. I’d like to play the drums with BeatBuddy sounds because native drums sound are quite poor. This could be done with MIDI.
Problem : the battery module only have a USB-B MIDI output. So, how can I connect it to the BeatBuddy ? I tried to make it through the computer but got latency problems
Thanks for helping

forget it…
I bought a “USB MIDI Host”, that’s the only way to plug a module which only have a USB-B MIDI

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Would you be willing to share a link to what you purchased?



There are several available, but they all look very similar to this:


Hi Brennan,

This is the one I bought on Amazon : Digital Life UlH-10 USB Midi host. It does the job.

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