BeatBuddy and Mobile Sheets

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I use Mobile Sheets on my Samsung Tablet to manage my songs in set lists. I also have many songs pre-made by song title organized in Beatbuddy. It is my understanding that I can load a song in Mobile Sheets and have that matching song load in BeatBuddy.
When I load a set list and scroll through songs on Mobile Sheets I would like to look down at my BB and see that same song loaded. I don’t want to have to bend over or use the foot pedal to scroll through my songs on BB to find a particular song.

I think this is what I need assistance with:

  1. Do I need to use a midi break out cable or can I use the USB-B out from BB to USB-C to the tablet?
  2. If someone is using Mobile Sheets can you help me with the command codes and/or send me pics of your midi command codes as written to load a song on the Mobile Sheets midi command section?
  3. For future, would a Midi App be easier to do this than writing midi code.

I am brand new to Midi. I am doing all I can to learn myself but I would really appreciate the communities help to jump start this project.

Thanks guys,

  1. Yes, you do need the BB Midi cable, and also a USB to Midi device for your tablet
  2. See this link here Beatbuddy Quick song selection for Windows or Android users - #8 by Tim_Gaved
  3. No
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Thanks Tim, what a great help !! I am going to really look at this tonight.
Just to be clear about the Midi Connection, where everything starts, as I understand:

Option 1:
From side of BB, from the single BB PS/2 Mid sync port using a break out cable (dual 5 Pin in and 5 pin out) then an adapter to USB -C to tablet.
Option 2:
From back of BB, from the USB-B port to USB-A to USB-C via adapter (or USB-B directly to USB-C)

I read that option 2 could work as Midi can be transferred through the USB-B to USB-A cable provided by BB, thereby avoiding the break out and adapter cables used in option 1. I’m not cheap but I would hate to spend the $ 75 if I already have the solution.

Sorry to bother you again, all help really appreciated!

AFAIK option 2 won’t work as there’s no MIDI transferred through the USB port of the BeatBuddy. It just allows you to access the SD card.

Ok thats what I thought. Thanks my friend.