Beatbuddy and RC-5

Hello friends,
I am French I use a translator so I apologize in advance.
I bought a BB and an RC-5 is there !!
I’m completely lost.
I read that they are not compatible, but that there were tips (by lowering the sound of the RC-5 drum machine for example).
But I am unable to plug them together, I do not know which cables to buy or even made myself.
And concerning the synchronization of the two I understand even less.
I need help please, I am the taker of all information.
I thank you muscally and in advance.
The french dany !!!

Hello and welcome. To connect the RC-5 and the BeatBuddy (BB), you will need to buy a set of cables for your looper and a MIDI Sync adapter for the BB. You can probably find the cables in the EU so I’m just including the two links to help guide your purchase. Bienvenue – Thomann France

You have to buy a two 5 pin midi to 1/8" (3.5mm) cables 2 X–make-noise-0-coast-midi-cable-1-8-inch-trs-to-5-pin-midi 1 Beatbuddy Midi cable -–singular-sound-beatbuddy-midi-sync-cable 2 Regular 5 pin midi cables -

Probably best to have the BB control the RC-5. This Youtube link has a lot of useful information in the comments below the video: Boss RC 5 & BeatBuddy Midi Buddies - YouTube

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Hi @Saxodany for your information, you may wanna check my profile/page, i have few posts in the past about Beatbuddy behaviour with Rc5, experimental cable hacks, and some modification to my Beatbuddy for the purpose of easy connection and syncing with RC5. They ARE compatible and they DO sync nicely. Best way i find is to set BB as master and RC5 as slave.
Good luck.

Thank you for your response, I will look at your profile.
Hoping I can find a solution.
Many thanks

Thank you, I will try to find the cables.
But to avoid all these connections, Isn’t it easier to manufacture it yourself ?
And if so, do you have a wiring diagram?
Sorry if there is any mistake I go through a translator.
Many thanks

Appreciate your extra effort to translate from French to English. :smile:

You can certainly try to make your own cables and this forum link might help: Search results for 'ps/2' - Singular Sound Forum

In my opinion, by the time you find and buy the wiring and connectors and then try to put them all together, I think your time and money would be better spent buying the proper cables. The last thing you want to do is have a wiring mistake invalidate your pedal warranties.

I just got a BB and RC 5, and am not having luck getting them to sync. I have tried both ways (BB as Master, and BB as slave) I read that I need to set the RC 5 to “Auto” to get it to work. I dont know what that really means, and cant find any info on the Boss or Roland sites. Would you have any suggestions for me to try?

I’m new to the BB world, I advise you to go see the profile page that I linked you to.
You must already make a cable (either make it or make a big modification on the BB).
I didn’t have time to do it.
And concerning the operation I do not know much.
however, if you have any information, I am a buyer.
Sorry if there are mistakes I use a translator because I am French
Thank you

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Does anyone know if while the BB is Master, changing to the next song on the BB would change the Boss Rc-5 to the next song simultaneously? I’d like to prerecord loops and beats and be able to change presets so both machines change to the next song together. Thanks!

Hi @logan5 No, it wont. The only way to achieve that is by using midi controller with 2 messages sent in one tap.

Thanks Nepali_brother!