BeatBuddy and Sidecar and Boomerang linked by midi


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My problem is this:

I have the Boomerang and Sidecar controller and BeatBuddy. How do I connect the three devices by midi?

The three devices: BB, Boomerang and Sidecar can be linked or not? It seems either or.

If I want BB to stop the Boomerang and vice versa, from the other device. I’m sure I’ve done this with BB and Boomerang connected together with midi cables and the midi settings on the BB are set to Midi-Thru I think. anything else makes the BPM straight to 300bpm or very slow.

This is normal, am I right? I press stop on BB and all my loops stop including the BB. But I want the reverse also. I want to press Stop All on the sidecar and it stops … This is doin’ my head in!!!

In short. How do I have the midi Output from the BB -> Boomerang and the Output from the Sidecar -> Boomerang. Right now I’m trying to (hoping) there is a midi Thru function in the sidecar.

I guess how other’s use these devices in combination is:
• BeatBuddy controls Boomerang but there’s no control of BeatBuddy from Boomerang (BB-MIDI-OUT -> Boomerang-MIDI-IN)
• Sidecar also controls Boomerang (Sidecar-MIDI-OUT -> Boomerang-MIDI-IN) *** But how do you connect two midi cables to one port? The Sidecar and BeatBuddy both want to talk to the Boomerang but there’s only one port, I seem to need a reverse function of the new Midi Quadra Thru merger I just bought. Not sure if I need it now.

Boomerang-MIDI-IN: BB is controlling stop/play all (so no need for Sidecar?).

My head’s swimming with all this.

Also, what are the midi settings on the BB to make all three work?



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BeatBuddy MIDI out to Sidecar MIDI in, Sidecar MIDI out to Rang III MIDI in. MIDI passes through the Sidecar to the Rang III. I’ve been using this flawlessly for almost 3 years.


Ah ha. I thought midi wasn’t implemented fully in the Sidecar! I understood SC encrypted midi messages, I figured these wouldn’t pass back to BB. Hmm.

I must admit I was starting to think on those lines. I’m gunna go now 'cos I feel stupid! :wink:


Will have another go today.

Thank you Rick.



I may edit my original post 'cos I don’t think I had the right question worded.

Oh and looking forward to the Midi Maestro.

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OK I have it working.

The only thing is I can’t close the loop from Boomerang -> BeatBuddy. So I can stop the beatbuddy from the Boomerang. I thought could stop the BeatBuddy from the Boomerang, but maybe I was mistaken. I’ll test it.

Thanks again for your help.




Yes, the Beatbuddy is the Master clock. It will stop the Rang but I think that’s it. Glad you got it working.

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Hi all, does the BB UNPAUSE signal start all the Rang loops?