Beatbuddy and Software Loopers

Hi Everybody,

I know there are several looper pedals that work well with BeatBuddy (Boomerang, Infinity, VL3) - but is anyone aware of good software looper that would allow a midi-sync with beat-buddy?

I’ve tried sooper looper and mobius on my MacOS - and neither seem to work well for me (seem buggy and difficult to use).


Search this forum for Quantiloop. Several users report favorable impressions.

Thanks - Quantiloop does look good - but I was hoping for something that ran under MacOS.


If you have a DAW, you can try it on GarageBand, Logic Pro X, or Reaper.

You’re right, it’s too bad that it it only works on iOS; the trend seems to be shifting toward iOS-based loopers.

I just recently bought Quantiloop for my iPads although I’m still waiting for my midi pedal… but I will also be getting a Mac laptop soon. I heard MainStage is supposed to be pretty good, not that I’ve researched it much. I think it’s around 20-29 bucks. However, from what little I’ve seen it looks pretty good for quite a few things. I think I saw somewhere that it can be used as a looper. btw MainStage won’t run on iOS, has to be MacOS.

Thanks - I think I will try Quantiloop out. What specifically do I need to hook up my iPad to my beatbuddy? My beatbuddy is connected via midi to my Mac. Would a basic usb cable work - or an ipad camera kit?


I recently bought Quantiloop. It’s a really great app. I has all sorts of config features for looping setups especially if looping is something you want to use to enhance a song rather than creating all parts of the song with loops - although it works really well for that too. One nice feature is a transpose option (button). So if you’re playing blues you could set down the bass part for the first chord (in the blues sequence) in one loop and simply transpose the loop at specific stages in the song to play the other chords (3 and 5)! A little crazy but it works. It’s very well designed and has an excellent UI. Another good feature is that it can be completely controlled via midi.

MainStage has it’s own looper and playback plugin so if you are going to use MainStage then that would be the first thing to look at. I think it works well and one nice feature is that you can insert markers in a backing track (I think you have to use Logic Pro to insert the markers) and jump between the markers - useful for backing track control etc.

For the iPad I bought the iRig Pro Duo audio interface and combined that with the iRig Power Bridge. The Pro Duo caters for all the audio and midi connections to and from the iPad and the Power Bridge allows for the iPad to be charged at the same time. If you only want midi to and from the iPad you can substitute the Pro Duo for the iRig Midi 2 which I also have. The Midi 2 is cheaper than the Pro Duo but if you think you might use the iPad more often in the future then the Pro Duo is a better investment. This setup is not cheap but it is a lot cheaper than other audio interfaces for the iPad such as the Apogee Duo for iOS which I would love but cannot justify the cost.

I have the Beatbuddy connected to the iPad via the midi cable and Pro Duo. The BB is the master, which I think works better than when it’s setup as a slave to the midi clock. Quantiloop syncs to the midi clock coming from the BB. With the Pro Duo I can send the audio and midi from Quantiloop out to whatever device I want as well as receive midi control commands to control Quantiloop from a footswitch etc…If you use the iRig Midi 2 you can send the audio via the iPad audio jack connection (I haven’t tested that though).

Great, thanks for the detailed response. Looks like there are lots of options with the iPad.

Quantiloop, just put out a massive update to the Quantiloop. Very nice!!
Download it now at the apple store.