Beatbuddy and Studio one

I am test driving a beatbuddy and was hopping that I could use it in studio one . Is there a way to explode midi tracks on the beatbuddy into single tracks kick,snare hhats ect. I really like this product so far and being able to do this would be a game changer for me !!! Thanks in advance for any help shine on !

you can create midi tracks and import them into beatbuddy manager to create songs… you can also edit the existing midis with any midi editor

I’ve tried to take midi files exported from BB Manager ( and bring them into Presonus Studio One. I’m really liking the UI in S1 and I can create things very quickly and export them to .mid files to use with the BB. However, when I attempt to import a .mid file exported from BB Manager into S1, I get a weird looking midi track with long notes all right aligned. Is there a fundamental incompatibility here, or am I just doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. There are many user-forum supplied and purchased midi files I could use but I’d need to tweak them all for my custom drum kit so they need to be imported and massaged a bit…

Yes, I agree, there is an error. I’ve exported both a main loop section and an intro; both don’t show correctly in Studio One. Sorry, I’m not sure what to get from that link in the post above – there is no solution there.

I’m not offering a solution; merely validating that a bug exists in versions and 1.6.5 that affects the Export to MIDI function.

OK, understood – then it’s not something I’m doing incorrectly. So is there a fix available, or a work around? This is a very major problem, IMHO. Thanks for the quick replies, BTW.

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