Beatbuddy arrived and works great!

I just got my Beatbuddy today in the mail and got to setup and testing on both my portable Vox amp and my larger Peavey 6505 amp. Works great and was piece of cake to setup!

Here is my core setup right now:


I love it and still learning how it all works including the different drum kits and so forth. Will probably dig deeper later into the MIDI stuff to arrange kits and try things out. It definitely makes practice way more fun now than just a metronome!

Welcome! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

Thanks right now I am looking for a serious looper that can sync up correctly with the BB. What do you recommend? I have a basic looper in my EHX Canyon delay pedal but want a serious dedicated looper than can sequence the BB correctly.

Do a search on the forum. There are a few good loopers available and many good discussions about the features of them. Since I have an iPad, I use Quantiloop and a Blueboard pedal. It works really well and syncs with the Beatbuddy and Onsong with no issues. I prerecord bass and harmony parts on Quantiloop and use Onsong to pull up the Beatbuddy pattern and Quantiloop program. It’s really slick! Just touch a song from your song list and you’re instantly ready to go. You can pause and start the Beatbuddy and Quantiloop follows without loosing sync.

Take some time to research what works best for your situation and needs.

Thanks, going to checkout a Pigtronix Infinity looper today.