BeatBuddy as a click track?

I am looking for a simple, robust device to send click tracks into my rackmixer and thence to IEMs. I’m loving the pedal form factor and the midi controllability, but I have a couple of questioncs.

First, can I set up the BB to switch to the next song just with one single press of the footswitch? There’s a lot of stuff like fills and changed grooves which is cool, but I don’t really want, and just getting that super simple one button operation would be great.

Second, do I need the full beatbuddy for this, or would a mini work?

Third, how reliable is the midi function? I already use a Morninstar foot controller to run my mixer, so it would be very convenient if I could also control the beatbuddy? Oh and do all the mini versions also have midi function?


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The mini does not send midi. The full size BB will. You’ll need the bb midi breakout cable and a standard 5 pin to 5 pin midi cable.

As for the click track, the bb ships with a collection of “songs.” One set is called metronome, which will work as a click track and clock for the chosen time signature. It will start with one press of the pedal, but you would need to double tap for it to end. With the bb extension pedal, you can set up a one press stop, or you could run a midi out from the Morningstar to the midi in of the bb, and have a stop programmed.

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