BeatBuddy As A Headphone Amp

Hello, I am new at forum and I am a bass player. I want to know The BB can use as a headphone amp ? I mean I have a headphone and bass and a jack, if I want to play bass using my headphone I plug my headphone jack to headphone input on BB and plug guitar jack to right side mono input and start playing bass with drum kits so that’s it ? Or same time should I connect my Bass Amp to mono left side of the BB ?

You plug in your bass into the left input (Mono) and listen via the headphone output.

Thank you very much and one more question :slight_smile: When I connect my BB to an amp. I plug the jack left side mono input and an amp, and right side mono to my guitar but when I use only headphones I have to plug the guitar into left side mono input ? Am I understand right ? I am not interested about any pedal I am just a simple guy who use only bass and amp and aux in :slight_smile: thanks for any information.

I am sure the quick start guide explains this better than I can as it includes pictures and diagrams, however the beat buddy has a stereo input using 2 mono jacks and a stereo output using 2 mono jacks. If you have a mono instrument eg a bass you plug it into the left mono input if you are going to plug this into an amp you would use the left mono out. If you have a stereo input you use both left and right inputs and both left and right outputs. What do you mean by “aux in”?

Thanks again for responding I read all the guide and for me guide explains very very tiny things. I saw all the inputs and I don’t understand that kind of stuff I play bass when I create a time that’s because I said I only use bass, amp and aux in for mp3 player so I can make a Jam :slight_smile:
As I told you before I don’t have much information about musical stuff, I can see there is one mono and stereo input leftside and right side, When I want to use my BB I plug my amp to leftside mono input and and I plug my guitar rightside input on BB (I don’t know input output I think rightside is output anway) then I can hear drum beats and my bass, I have Markbass Micromark 801 and I am not sure if stereo input can use for it or not I use mono inputs because my jacks are mono, and when I use only BB I plug in my guitar rightside mono and headhone input for headphone so, there is ! but If I use leftside mono input for bass I can’t hear anything only drumbeats from the headphone. Is this all right ? Can I explain myself sorry for language mistakes.

And one more silly question. Why BB doesn’t have on/off button. Always have to use electric connect ?

Hi Toghan, first of all I think you have to consider that:

  • on the RIGHT side of BB you find INput jacks (there you can plug your bass or guitar).
  • on the LEFT side of BB you find OUTput jacks (there you can plug your amp or mixer).

So signal goes from your instruments OUTput to BB INput and from BB Output to amp/mixer/headphones INput.

I hope this helps.

BB has no battery. It turns on when you plug its adapter into AC plug.


Now I understand completly. Thank you !

About my Micromark Amp and Bass (MM Stingray 4) I plug mono to mono is this correct ?

I have only 2 jacks and both of them are mono, so does it make diffirence to plug them in stereo input and output ? How can I understand if they support stereo or not ? :-/

I have a Markbass Markacoustic AC101 and it has 2 mono jacks same as yours.
It’s ok to plug mono to mono, from BB Output (Left, mono) to one of the two Markbass Inputs.
It makes no sense to plug both, L & R BB Outputs to both Markbass inputs using two mono cables, since amp is mono.

It can make some difference to use L & R BB Outputs if you send them into a stereo PA system.

Wowww it really helped me thank you very very much :slight_smile:

Dr J
Hi . Do you know if I can play my guitar plus pedals through my guitar amp as usual, but have the drums from the BB, in sync with my looper, going through a separate clean amp

This is actually the preferred setup!