beatbuddy as master and slave for midi messages

I just wanted to buy the bb, also because it is announced with features as master and slave for midi messages.
When I look around here in the forum I see confusion about what works now and what is planned in the future.
I work with the guitar rig looper on a guitar rig pedal and want both instruments start and stop in sync.
What is possible now and what is planned?
Thank you,

Midi Start/Stop works best, eather as Slave and as Master. Midi Sync should also work (tried with Infinity and Voicelive3), but there are also Loopers that have Problems to sync with BeatBuddy (tried with Boss RC 50/300).
It depends on the Looper, but mostly the Boss Loopers have Problems to sync. Boomerang Loopers seems to have no problems at all (never tested), Pigtronix (Infinity) and TC Helicon (Voicelive3) both compared with Singular Sound (BeatBuddy) and those Loopers are working smoothly.

Unfortunately I never tested Guitar Rig (and cannot remember any threads about in this Forum), but maybe someone here jumps in? So maybe you`ll have to try. If the Guitar Rig has functional support, I think BB-Team will be willing to work with them to make everything possible happen.

In new (unreleased) FW (#1.75. You can send Email to support, they will send you FW to test) there is also Midi PC`s to change Songs within a Folder and TapTempo (Midi CC#117). With this FW BeatBuddy can also send Midi CC#102 while changing Parts of the Song (untested)…

BB Team has also planned to give every function of BB Pedal a Midi CC … (I hope it comes soon).

thank you