BeatBuddy as MIDI Slave, Tempo Doubling?

I’m trying using my Headrush Looperboard as MIDI TC Master, going into the in of my BeatBuddy and then on to my MIDI controller on my pedalboard (MC8).
I’m fairly consistently having the BB jump to 2x the tempo of the Looperboard. After pausing/stopping, the TC inconsistently rights itself, but I’m not sure what the cause is.
Any help is appreciated!

I can’t speak for other loopers, it may be a MIDI sync issue with the looperboard itself, it may not be sending the tempo information in a clean way. I could not speak to this, do you have any way to monitor what’s coming out of the looperboard? The BB should be able to handle any continuous stream of MIDI sync. One guess is maybe there is a quantization setting in the looper that is changing tempo/ midi sync behavior without you knowing it. That’s my best guess.

Could Looperboard be sending CC #83 ?

CC Number Value Action Firmware version added
CC-83 [0-127] 0: Return to normal mode; 1-127: Go to double time mode 2.7.0
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This is possible, I’d check the Looperboard manual

Thanks for the help, while I’m not sure which pedal was the culprit (all are set to MIDI THRU Only) once when I turned off the MIDI Thru on my Looperboard the issue went away.
Since the Looperbpard only needs to send MIDI TC that works for me. I appreciate the help!

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I don’t think I had it set to send anything beyond MIDI TC, but looks like it was passing on TC from another one of my effects pedals (not sure which, but switching MIDI THRU off solved it).
Thanks at any rate!

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Glad you solved it!