BeatBuddy AutoPilot 2020?

I hear you and I feel you. I am as frustrated as you are, believe me. The finish line is always so close, you can almost touch it, yet it somehow manages to stay one step away. :weary:

SS advertising for programmers again. Not a good sign. :worried:

@goranGrooves Any news? Will we be getting a Christmas present?

I surely hope so. I am supposed to get a new version today to test over the weekend. Let’s see. If no debilitating, embarrassing bug is introduced in it, I can let you guys take it for a spin. PM me if interested.

@Neil_McCann Where at?

He’s probably referring to this

What exactly are you referring to? What would be the function of a BeatBuddy Loader, that would work differently than the BBM?

This is what he said higher up in this topic back in May :

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@GoranGrooves I saw it on Instagram in the stories of both SS and David. But see it’s on the forum now as well.

How did the test with the new version go?

I’m not in any way associated with SS, but Goran sent me copy of the software last week. I found one fairly important bug when I was using it which I fed back.
As Goran said above, it’s basic in what it does at the moment, so don’t get too excited. I guess it is progress though.

Yeah, I’m not sure if this new version will ever do what I’d like it to do unfortunately. I’ll be using the old BBM for a long time yet I think.

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Since this topic has gone on for so long and accumulated so many messages, I propose that it be locked and a new topic started: BeatBuddy AutoPilot 2022

BTW, Happy New Year 2022 everybody!

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Or should it be BeatBuddy AutoPilot 2025? :grinning: Happy New Year anyway!


You are being generous.


More of the same, we keep getting promises of improvements to the software side of BB but no real action or results

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I’m sorry but I can’t help but wonder if Singular Sound is even working on this.
This thread started in July 2020.
And in a year and a half…nothing. Bizzare!
Last update of BBM manager was 2016. 6 years!! Sad. :disappointed:


I’m actually planning on buying a Beatbuddy and premium library… maybe with groovemonkee.

But have been waiting for autopilot to happen.

Actually I was kind of also hoping for the Beatbuddy 2.0… so I might wait until NAMM. But who knows…_

I have no inside knowledge, but I’m not sure that’s anything being worked on or remotely ready. I’d buy the device which is ready to use now if it meets your needs.

Personally, I’d prefer a single device with both loops and beats. Do we call that Aeros Beats?

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100% agree on the integrated device idea. I would rather not have such a high-end looper, maybe an Aero Light…and since the code it so well written and modular, it should be fairly easy to do. :upside_down_face: