BeatBuddy Autopilot 2024

Wonderfull to see the new BeatBuddy Manager Online (BBMO)!

Serious thanks to Singular Sound for finally bringing us this powerful new interface to our BBs.

Now, letting all bygones be bygones, let’s say goodbye to the topic ‘BeatBuddy Autopilot 2020’ and its 329 posts, and let this be a new space (that hopefully never swells to that prior size) for asking …

Is BB Autopilot still on the TODO list? Might we see it in 2024?

Here’s hoping! Cheers!


Yes, please!


Huzzah! Many thanks to Singular Sound and Andrew for getting this ball rolling with the BBFF.


Greetings, BB Community! Sending thanks to Andrew and Singular Sound for the implementation of the most-helpful BBMO app! I am (re)casting my vote for an ‘autopilot’ option to be made available. My preference is to use a mix of NP and OP tunes on live gigs, and a means to easily program the BB for OP songs would be great. Also had mentioned to Andrew that being able to label sections (i.e. parts of a song) in a midi sequence would be another bonus. Again, appreciate the effort!


Does it do anything different than the old version?

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Well it works quickly and is generally a much cleaner and better experience. That’s enough for me.

It also makes it super simple to make new drum kits.

In that case I will need to investigate. :slight_smile:

Any luck on this? Or wait like 5 more years?