BeatBuddy (BB) no longer reads my SD card

I was a Beatbuddy user for 4 or 5 years. Used it daily, for practise and used it on my gigs. Singularsound replaced it for me a couple of years ago cause it just died. A few months ago it stopped reading SDcards - was on a gig and it wouldn’t start up - had to play the gig with no drums - not cool, I have BeatBuddy Manager and when I got home I tried everything to get it running. New SD cards, downloading new versions etc. Just won’t read an SD card. I emailed Singularsound but they couldn’t help me so I put it away and purchased the BeatBuddy mini 2.(cause I just couldn’t afford a BeatBuddy - senior on a pension) but It is a lot more hassle to use live, it at least it’s working
I would love to get my BeatBuddy working again - has anyone had a issue like this where it just won’t recognize the SD card?

Since this seems to be more of a topic requiring help or other user feedback, I’m moving it to a new thread where it stands a better chance of getting user replies.

Some questions that might help forum users help you:

  • Does your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) still read and write to the SD card?
  • Have you tried a new SD card?
  • What’s the version of the firmware on your card?
  • Are you using the PSU that came with your pedal or something different and if so, what type of PSU is it?

Have you looked into the card slot, just to see if all the contacts are still ok? Since the card slot is on the so called I/O board, it can be that the contacts of the board are not seated 100% any more or there is a little corrosion . Open the BB by removing the bottom plate and take out the three screws of the I/O board. Then pull up the board a little bit on the opposit side of the volume knob and then push it back to reseat it, and startup to see if it made any difference.

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