Beatbuddy Beginners Video - Managing SD Card, Synching Projects, Creating Songs and Finding Songs

Hi Everyone, I have created a BeatBuddy Beginners video for anyone who wants 1 video where many of the smaller things like SD card and Synching as well as making songs and learning the BB pedal are discussed. I have also created a basic Upbeat Worship song as well as a basic Ballad worship song for people who want to just copy and paste parts that work well together :wink:
Here is the link for the video:


Thank you very much for your generosity!

Fantastic. Thank you!

Excellent video. Keep up the good work.
Only I wish the BB software was more accessible for blind people like me using a screen reader, ie. I have a NI Komplete Kontrol keyboard with a built in screen reader. Now here’s something for BeatBuddy creators to consider folks , imagine the sales going up, we are quite a lot of visually impaired/blind people out there .Besides, it would actually benefit everybody, even those who can see.