BeatBuddy + Boomerang III + Sitar Jam 2

Made another video with Boomerang III + Sitar. BeatBuddy is so much fun!


Sounds very much like synthesized stuff. That’s cool! Though the opening 0:02-0:20 sounds totally like one single note to me.

I should say your drummer really rocks, as such an original creation just wouldn’t have the effect without him :slight_smile:

man … I’ve watched this jam a few times. very cool stuff. I have had my BB for about a week and have the Boomerang iii on order due to be in next week. I can’t wait. I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out if it was better to go w/ the infinity looper or the Boomerang but video like this make me feel good about my move toward the Boomerang. Ty for sharing !!

That was amazing! Would love to listen to a polished and well recorded version…