BeatBuddy Boss RC-300 and OnSong app

I’ve been using the BeatBuddy with the Onsong for quite a while, using MIDI with the Yamaha MD-BT01 and it works perfectly for Song, Drum Set and Tempo selection just by choosing the song in the OnSong app.

So, I’ve been working in how to integrate the Boss RC-300 to the equation. And here is my result so far.

I was going to buy another Yamaha MD-BT01 to use with the Boss RC-300. Instead, I ended up buying the CME WIDI Master. No complain with the WIDI Master but I’m getting the same result. At the end, it is extremely difficult to send the correct tempo from the OnSong app by a MIDI command. If the song tempo is 130, the closest tempo I will receive in the RC-300 is 129.3. So, I have to get down to the RC-300 machine and correct manually the tempo to exactly 130 (the tempo in the BeatBuddy) in order to use all the equipment at the same time. Also, some MIDI commands from the OnSong app were not correctly read by the BeatBuddy with this setup (for example, Drum Set).

So, I did this. The RC-300 unit has 99 Memory(ies). I program the Memory # 50 to # 99 like this:

50 - Tempo 90

51 - Tempo 91

52 - Tempo 92… and so on.

If I am going to play a song with a Tempo that is 130, I will change the Memory in the RC-300 by using the Pedal Function (I don’t have to get down to the machine) to the Memory # 90. I rename each Memory so it is easier to scroll.

I know that with this set up you limit yourself to Tempo 139, but Tempo from 90 - 139 are the most common.

If the Tempo of the song is under 90 or beyond 139, you will need to do another set up, or setting each Memory instead of +1, do it +2. So it will be:

50 - Tempo 90

51 - Tempo 92

52 - Tempo 94… and so on.

Note: I try to set up the Tempo using the Expression Pedal and it is simply too hard to be precise using the Pedal. You end up setting the Tempo manually.

Hope it helps.

Hi there.

I have a similar setup, with Onsong sending PC messages (mostly) to my BB and other two devices (Voicelive 3, Roland GR55) via a Yamaha MD-BT01.

The BB provides the MIDI clock to the other devices, which is what I’d recommend you do. The VL3 looper syncs nicely with the BB.

-MD-BT01 MIDI OUT (arrow) to BB MIDI IN
-BB MIDI OUT to your RC-300 MIDI IN

The Default BB MIDI OUT Mode should be “Merge”, in case you want to send PC, CC and SysEx messages to your RC-300, but it’s not necessary for MIDI Clock send.

This way, the BB acts as MIDI Clock master and it should sync properly with the RC-300, but I recommend you to search for posts involving the RC-300 on this forum, just in case. It works very well in my configuration.

Good luck!
PS: Don’t send MIDI Clock data from Onsong, it’s very erratic and the latency associated to Bluetooth (via the MD-BT01) makes it impractical. You can send TEMPO information as a one time parameter to the BB via CC108, but that’s just for the BB to adjust and send its MIDI Clock data.

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Ok, thanks!

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The RC-300 cannot be a midi slave. It won’t accept midi clock commands.

Oh, well… There goes my suggestion!, haha!
Thanks, @Phil_Flood

I have the exact same problem with my VoiceLive 3 Extreme. I can connect BeatBuddy to VL3X with two Widi Master (not cable), and the tempo is exact the same as on BeatBuddy. But If i connect the two Widi Masters with my iPad-Pro and using OnSong, there is same tempo-change in BeatBuddy, but no tempo-change in VL3X. I have to use Audiobus 3 to make things happend on VL3X. BUT the tempo on the VL3X isnt exact the same as in OnSong or BeatBuddy (it shifting +/- 1-2 all the time).


This is a thought from left field. . .
Is the sobriety setting a factor here?