BeatBuddy circuit

emphasized textDoes BeatBuddy have voltage polarity protection

There is a diode in the BB to protect it, but it does not mean you can put in a wrong power supply.
You can be lucky, but I blew the power regulator chip (BD9328EFJ) of my BB and had to replace it.
The diode was still ok.

Thanks for reply renevmind.I have obtained a BeatBuddy and it’s possible someone put the wrong polarity on it. Is the diode D1?Got to get a thin walled socket to undo the pots then I can check the power. What should I be looking for? see if that regulator is available here in Australia.I s there a schematic anywhere of this pedal? Thanks again for your time. troppy

I’ve circled the diode D3, (the big one), It also can be that the unit is blocked. do a search for BB won’t startup. There is a prcedure to get it working again. ( if the voltage regulator is still ok), I don’t think the diode failed it most prbably is the regulator chip. Here’s a schematic, it’s not the BB schematic but the BB ciruit is about the same.

Thanks again. Tried to use the start up procedure but that’s if a firmware up date goes wrong. The person I got this from was very vague about what might have happened but the regulator seems like a good start once I get it apart. That regulator is not available in Australia till Jan 24 but I can get them overseas. Cheers .fixtrop