BeatBuddy Companion: A No-Touch (pedal) song search/select application

Hey BeatBuddy enthusiasts.

BeatBuddy Companion Beta v0.0.3

You may or may not be aware that I’ve been working on an application to use on a computer with the BB + a midi cable which will allow you to search for songs in your collection (and song matched songs) and be able to push that song to your BeatBuddy without having to touch the pedal.

I’ve written this in 2 forms:

  • Basic (windows) executable: which is limited to the computer attached to the BeatBuddy
  • Web Based executable: which runs on the same computer attached to the BeatBuddy, but can be controlled by any Web enabled device on the same network as the beatbuddy computer.

The basic workflow is:

  1. Search or browse for a song in your collection (if not found in your collection, auto searches the song matching site and will incorporate tempo and allow you to push the suggested beat to your pedal)
  2. Push the song to the beat buddy to immediately play or add it to a setlist
  3. Play the Song (using play, stop, fills, pause, next section, previous section, half time, double time, tempo controls).
  4. Repeat

Other features include:

  1. Drumset selection – allowing you to change the drumset after you push the song
  2. Setlist Import/export – allowing you to create, reuse setlists
  3. Chart Finder - searches for “chord tabs” on the free version of ultimate guitar

Basic Executable: Windows, BB, midi cable from BB to your interface, collection copied to computer in sync with your SD card. [Download Zip here. ] (NOTE: this may trip your virus detector as it’s not a signed binary.)(
Web Executable: BB, Python3, pip, midi cable from BB to your interface, web browser, collection copied to computer in sync with your SD card. Download Zip here.

This has ONLY been tested on win10 and win11. Mac may have some other “issues” – once someone tests that, I may be able to address it.


That would be terrific! Old guys can’t bend over like they used to.

Tried to download … “Antivirus” reported problem …

There is also an app called Opensongapp for Android users (available free in the Google Playstore) that manages all your songs, tabs, and set lists that now directly supports the Beatbuddy. Once you have set up the wireless midi connection between the tablet and the pedal, and edit your songs settings to select a particular Beatbuddy song, then selecting that song on the tablet automatically selects the song on the Beatbuddy and sets the tempo to that specified in the Opensongapp song settings.
Note: You need to get the Beta version of Opensongapp by signing up for it on the Opensongapp website. You need the midi cable for the beatbuddy, that connects to a bluetooth midi adaptor (Yamaha MD-BT01 works). There is an instructional video to show how to install.
I gave it a whirl this week and it works great.

It’s not a signed binary, so the .exe version could easily trip people’s virus protection.

The alternative is to pull down the source and run it with python. Both are pretty easy, the exe is just super easy.

Im not an android person. So I didn’t know of that project. Cool. This one only needs a midi cable, and can be used from any web browser on the LAN / wifi with the BB.

So there’s some room for both, it would seem

You gave it a name :). This is amazing to be a part of something new…I still haven’t been able to lay my hands on my BB. Will let you know once I start.

So the aeros can call songs on beatbuddy. Can you call up songs on the aeros? Ie can we view the aeros song list and settings. Find a way to set the tempo and beatbuddy beat into aeros settings.

I have zero experience with Aeros. I’m not sure. My app will let you search your collection, pick a song, it will set the tempo even if you matched it with the song match site.

Not sure where to go with your question.

Just think its the wrong approach if you’ve bought into the entire eco system. Great if you’ve just got a beat buddy.

I’m kind of surprised I’ve gotten zero feedback on this release. I can’t really tell if no one has tried (I see a few downloads), or no one has hit snags and things are just working.

LMK if anyone has questions about this.


I ordered a BB which will arrive in September. Ill check out your beta when I get my bb and give you fb on it.

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@bluetex I have my BB and midi cable. Tried both the exe as well as the python version and not lucky…Can you help…

For anyone reading this thread, so far the most common issue with setup has been the path to your beat buddy collection on your PC.

the Input on the setup doesn’t say enough about this, but the path should be to the folder that INCLUDES the folder “SONGS” and the end of the path should not have a slash.

so to say:
Good = c:\myfiles\beatbuddy\collection (contains SONGS)
Bad = c:\myfiles\beatbuddy\collection\
Bad = c:\myfiles\beatbuddy
Bad = c:\myfiles\beatbuddy\collection\SONGS

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Thank you @bluetex

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