BeatBuddy connected to loop pedal

My video on using the BeatBuddy in combination with TC Electronic’s Ditto Looper:

Are the drums just recorded on the first take or is the looper syncing with the pedal. Nice playing. Like the solo.

Ditto Looper is unable to sync with anything at all as far as I know. It simply doesn’t have a MIDI In (or Out)!

Nice video, by the way. Way too clean for my personal taste, but I’m truly impressed with your guitar skills shown in your solo! I can only wish I could play like that :slight_smile:

Thank you! For this video I started out with recording the drums alone, but normally I will record one or more verses of drums + rhythm guitar on the first take to provide a background for further experimentation with guitar parts or solo improvisation. The Ditto looper has no syncing capabilities, so I just have to tap the footswitch at the right time to get a seamless loop.

I have a couple of different loopers. I’ve looped on the fly with the beatbuddy and I can usually get it pretty much in sync. It does tend to drift a little over time.
Hard to do without midi sync. Have to be deadly accurate with the foot switch. MIDI sync makes it easy.

Awesome. I plan on doing the same with my boss rc-2 for awhile. It has some built in beats unlike the ditto but they are nothing compared to the beatbuddy. I certainly can’t afford one of the big $$ loopers right now since I had to scrape up the extra cash for the beatbuddy. Waiting on mine from Guitar Center…

Yeah! I just thought about having something small and cheap like a Ditto looper but with a MIDI sync… You know, like a LoopBuddy Mini or something?
Now that would be cool!

I actually think the great people at Singular Sound should make a LooperBuddy. Think Boss RC30 without the useless effects, but with MIDI clock sync capabilities tailored to the Beatbuddy.

Nice guitar playing. The sound is terrific and tight. I also like your facial expressions when you play.
What kind of guitar are you playing? Nice video.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thank you for your kind comment. The guitar is a PRS Custom 24.

Great video showing exactly “how it’s done” so to speak, with the tools you have. If you ever get a looper with MIDI, you can offload the drums which allows for even more on the fly improvisation and experimentation. Thanks for sharing.

This is basically the video that swayed me toward purchasing the BeatBuddy. I have the Ditto looper x2, so no MIDI sync, but I’ll have to practice, practice, practice to get it as tight as Uffe. PRS Custom 24 looks like a killa too, @Uffe Hedberg !

You can do it without midi sync but more then likely the accuracy may drift slightly with each loop. Over time it can get way out of sync. You have to be dead on.

Roger that. It’ll be tough in the beginning for sure. I’ll probably just record in Logic and add separate tracks for guitar, then possibly quantize in Logic wherever I can. Lots of trial and error.

Nice chops…really enjoyed that.
I’ve been researching Loop boxes and Drum tracks for just this purpose…some fun!!