BeatBuddy Connectivity with other Multi Effects pedals (Boss GT-10)

Hi! I just found out about BeatBuddy and would like to purchase one. I own a Boss GT-10 Pedal, due to my S**** Neighbours I can only jam with headphones on so I don’t have an AMP. My question is, can you connect the BeatBuddy to the Boss GT-10 using headphones? If yes, what would I need and how. I tried to do some research but I didn’t find any clear instructions, only of people having both plugged into an AMP. Thanks in advance

The Beat Buddy has a guitar input, which you may use but don’t have to, and it has a headphone out. You would simply plug your guitar into your GT-10 or any effects unit, for that matter, and then take the output from the effects unit and run it into the Beat Buddy. Plug your headphones into your Beat Buddy, and rock on.

Of course, you can only use mono effects from your GT-10 this way. Another option is to get a small mixer that has a headphone out. Then you can connect both the Beat Buddy and the GT-10 to the mixer, and listen to your mix from the headphones.

Thank you for the info! good to know that it is possible. I might also get a small AMP and just plug the headphones into it so I can have Stereo or would you recommend any small mixer instead to keep things more tidy? :slight_smile:

Something like this would be adequate.