BeatBuddy Drum Machine V2

What is this V2 ?

Looks like an a new batch of beatbuddy’s. Only difference I can notice is the font of the beatbuddy writing above the pedal. I would say it comes with firmware v2.0 which has been said is in the making and should be available to existing Beatbuddy customers.

Sounds like a marketing exercise to label it V2.

I hope that’s the case. I’ve only just bought one!

We recently came out with a new box and a new logo. That is the only difference. The SKU is different (instead of BEATBUDDY, our warehouse stocks the new ones as BEATBUDDY2), which is probably why they put “V2” there.

Lol. Prymaxe changed the description and removed the V2.

Yup. We requested they do that. :slight_smile: