Beatbuddy Drumset Maker Layers and Velocities

Hi, I just ordered a beatbuddy and while i wait for delivery I’m looking to port a Logic drumset i had made as a BB drumset and I have a few questions for those of you that have made drumsets

#1 I see that you can create tracks for a velocity range on BB Manager, if let’s say i create 4 velocity ranges, do these WAV files need to be exported with a volume to match these velocities or can they all be normalized and BB will change the volume for each note based on the note velocity on the midi track? in other words each velocity range WAV is for a different sound at each velocity range (while BB will use the note velocity as the volume of the sample) or not.

#2 is there a recommended/min/max WAV length? i’m basing my current tests on the length of the samples of the Rock Kit

#3 whats the preffered bit-rate? i see on the drumset marker manual that they can be 16-bit or 24-bit but i see the Rock Kit has samples at 16-bit. I want to make sure I export the WAVs exactly as BB wants them.

#4 should WAVs be mono or stereo?

Thank you in advance for any help

Very good questions. 1 The BB will lower the volume with a low velocity, but I find when exporting samples from Logic, I keep my volume fixed and make sample with the lower velocity. For example, if I am making samples for velocity 30 hi hat, I will make sample at velocities 26, 28 and 30. Then, in another program, I normalize these at 25 percent. The reason for making the sample with the lower velocity is to get the effect of the drum being struck softer. 2. There are not any recommended minimum or maximum lengths, but your total kit size is limited to 100mb. 3) 44.1 kHz, I always use 16 bit. 4) if you make stereo samples, BB will place them properly in the stereo field. Even when I center pan everything, I use stereo samples. I suppose mono works, too.

Thank you for the advice!

In my mind I figured BB bases the levels on the range each wav is assigned to.

My idea is to use 2 samples for say a kick drum, a hard and a soft kick sound then assign them like this

(000-063) Soft-Kick.wav (50% volume)
(064-127) Hard-Kick.wav (100% volume)

Then if a note is played with a velocity of 100 the hard kick would play but at a lower volume than 100% or in this case (100/127)*vel or 78.74% of the recorded volume.

I’m going to keep looking thru the forum and see if I can find some more info but I guess i’ll find out on Friday when it’s delivered.

You can download the Beat Buddy Manager software without having the pedal. You can also get the default BB content onto an SD card, and then play around with it. If you do that, take a look at how some of the factory kits are configured. That will give you some clues.

That’s what i’ve been doing the last 2 days lol I think I got a good idea on what i will need and if I can make a kit that’s mapped the same way as my plugin it would make the whole process to switch from the RC-300 to the BB to play song parts a breeze.