Beatbuddy drumsets and songs

Please help… I’ve been using the beatbuddy mini2 for more than 1 year now… Recently it crashed so I sent it for warranty repair. I had no beatbuddy so i decided to buy, but there was only beatbuddy jumbo in option, the beatbuddy mini 2 was sold out. So i thought its more advanced and I bought the beatbuddy. In my use, i found that beatbuddy mini2 has more good songs and drumsets. And beatbuddy is a very big thing in my performance. The songs in the beatbuddy jumbo isnt good compared to the mini2. So is it possible to get the mini2 songs and drumsets in the beatbuddy jumbo, since it can be modified…

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I only own the BB, not the jumbo or the mini so I cant’ speak for those. If the mini or the jumbo can be plugged on a PC via USB, you can try to use the Beat Buddy Manager to export some songs from the mini or jumbo and re-import them in the big BB.
If this is not possible, you can also create your own beats on the BB (with your own samples as well) so possibilities on the big BB are endless. Playing a lot of electronic music myself and the BB libraries being very poor regarding this type of music, that’s what I do all the time. I also do it for all vintages songs which requires very specific “old sounding” beats (eg : Shadows - Apache).

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This may be surprising to you but the songs on the Mini 2 are the exact same songs as the BeatBuddy Default content which is available for free on our website. Please reach out to if you have any other questions about content and the BeatBuddy